Archives for June 2012 A host full of illegal pornography.

TenFiles tries to keep a low profile, they don’t openly advertise for affiliates yet they do pay commissions to people who upload files. This host is full of content that suggests that there is a considerable amount of illegal pornography uploaded on a regular basis.

It’s not easy to search for files through normal file search sites however links are openly traded on forums which cater to prolific downloaders.

TenfilesfrontpageTen Files


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[Read more…] Hosts pirate copies of Windows 7 look like a respectable company. They have a slick web site, an about page which shows a map of their location, a support telephone number and their own payment processing.

The truth is that is no better than any other site listed in the shame file, they host pirated movies, music, pornography and pirate software. They claim to comply with DMCA requests but there are countless examples where they are slow to remove infringing content.

Their business model is to reward uploaders each time a premium sale is made and they are quite blatant about these offers.


Read on for more of the dirt including proof of pirate Microsoft software.

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MojoFile. Illegal File Locker with Affiliate Program

MojoFile try and keep a low profile these days, however a little digging reveals that they are still a prolific source of illegal content, pirate software, pornography, movies and music.


A search in Google reveals that MojoFile also hosts child pornography and stolen legal pornography

So we did some digging, read on to see what we discovered.

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FileMates. Pirate Movies, Software, Pornography and Music

FileMates is a professional piracy outfit with a snazzy website and sales pitch to match. They provide downloads of pirate movies, software, music, pornography and pay people to upload this content. They also supply copious amounts of child exploitation material.

File Mates

Don’t be fooled by the professional looking website, this is a site built on theft of copyright material and they make considerable amounts of money doing it.

UPDATE: 3rd July 2012 FileMates, who used multiple alternate Paypal accounts, have had their Paypal accounts blocked. They are still wondering why and how this could have happened. FileMates used alternate Paypal accounts to spread the risk, so that if Paypal terminated one then they would have others. This method does not work as well will track down every payment processing option a site makes available.

Below is a post from a FileMates representative puzzled at how so many of their payment options are being blocked.


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FileGag. Pays uploaders for illegal content.

FileGag is a file sharing site which prides itself on it’s huge collection of pirated movies, tv shows, software and pornography. They even host extreme pornography including child pornography

File Gag

The pay uploaders and affiliates a sliding scale of rewards and also use Paypal to process payments. There is no limit to the audacity of these people, they openly advertise their illegal wares.

Update: FileGag went down over the weekend but have re-appeared today. We will be working to have the site shut down permanently, or at very least cut of their access to payment processing.

Update: 4th July 2012: We have found much more pirate software on FileGag and more disturbingly extreme child pornography, the descriptions of which are so bad we cannot publish the search results.

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