Archives for September 2012 – A Way Station for Piracy

Bolt Sharing represents everything that is bad about the file locker industry. A site established to do nothing other than rip off content and software producers by stealing then sharing copyright infringing files.

Most people have not heard of this site, it doesn’t jump into ones mind as a legitimate place to go and store files, however the hardcore pirates know it and they use it nefariously as a way station of theft.


The front page looks unassuming and provides no indication of the massive scale theft taking place on BoltSharing’s servers.

The fact is that BoltSharing carries terabytes of copyright infringement, there’s virtually nothing else. Every file infringes copyright, every dollar transacted as an uploader earning money per download or as a downloader paying to download content is tainted.

Read on for more about BoltSharing.

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More Paypal Terminations of File Lockers

The following sites lost Paypal payment processing on Friday 14th September 2012.

NOTES Copy Control does not claim responsibility for these or any other Paypal terminations. Many organisations work to deal with infringing sites. Some of these sites may have been reported earlier then re-reported as they continued to process with Paypal. This information is current at the time of publication and is subject to change.