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More file lockers lose Payment Processing

The following sites have lost payment processing accounts since the 10th of October.

It should be noted that both and have backup payment processing with Digital River and are currently using Avangate.

Avangate has become the new go to payment processor for infringing file lockers. The number of file lockers they process payments for increases every week. This is no doubt going to attract the interest of other parties with whom Avangate have relationships.

Avangate’s decision to harbour the infringing file locker industry raises it’s risk profile to a very high level and shows absolute contempt for it’s existing software publisher customer base who have their products pirated on file lockers that Avangate process payments for.

NOTES Copy Control does not claim responsibility for these or any other Paypal terminations. Many organisations work to deal with infringing sites. Some of these sites may have been reported earlier then re-reported as they continued to process with Paypal. This information is current at the time of publication and is subject to change.

Nutters and Legal Threats

Not a week goes by without us receiving a collection of legal threats, nutty letters, threatening emails or just plain crazy diatribes telling us how rich rights holders deserve to have their content stolen.

We’ve decided to publish one we received this week as it demonstrates just how dumb some people are with relation to this issue.

Robert King,
It has come to my attention that you have been manipulating payment processors with fraudulent pretenses. I intend to collaborate with file host site owners, affiliates, & premium membership purchasers to file a class action law suit. Allegations & actions sought may include, but not limited to:
1.) Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: 18 U.S.C. § 1030(e)(2), 18 U.S.C. § 1030(a)(2), 1151, S.Rept. 112-91 § 2111, 18 U.S.C. 1030, 18 U.S.C. § 1030(d)
2.) Electronic Communications Privacy Act: 18 U.S.C. §§ 2510
3.) Communications Act: 47 U.S.C. §§ 553 and 605
4.) National Stolen Property Act: 18 U.S.C. § 2314
5.) Misrepresentation of © claimant: § 202.3(a)(3)(ii)

I will also work with Paypal providing proof of your fraudulent activities, violation of privacy policy, & recommend that they seek legal action against you.

Candie Vessler

[email protected]

What’s interesting about this email is that there is really a belief out there that infringing file lockers are just victims and that we are somehow able to dictate to payment processors what they should do with them.

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UltraMegaBit: A Crime Committed on American Soil

Kim Dotcom, owner of MegaUpload, had a lot of money, he is a resident of New Zealand and a citizen of the European Union having been born in Germany. None of this protected him from police storming through his front door as a long investigation into MegaUpload culminated in a spectacular early morning raid that frightened Kim Dotcom so much that he scarpered off to a safe room in a state of sheer panic.

Rudy Corella, owner of UltraMegaBit, does not have a lot of money, he is a resident and citizen of the United States of America based in California.

Rudy Corella is currently engaged in the facilitation of copyright theft on a grand scale. His file hosting service,, sits in the back yard of Hollywood, the US Music Industry, the US Software Industry and an FBI field office within spitting distance.

An investigation by the Stop File Lockers project reveals commercial copyright theft of a grand scale occuring on the servers of UltraMegaBit. We have also posted two instalments on this new file host and we are somewhat surprised at how quickly this host has become a veritable nest of copyright infringement.

In the first two months of operation UltraMegaBit had already attracted the attention of the film studios and other content producers. The Google Transparency Report shows that several large rights holders have already noticed copyright infringement on the site.


From the very beginning of UltraMegaBit’s operation, large powerful rights holders were investigating copyright infringement taking place on the site.

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More Copyright Infringing Content on

In our last post we detailed the mirky world of UltraMegaBit, which offers access to large amounts of copyright infringing content. Since the post was published, have disabled access to the links of files mentioned in the post. Files on UltraMegaBit aren’t accessed directly, they are accessed through a generated link, which means that there is no way for a third party observer to know if files are actually deleted or not.

Today we have more of our evidence to reveal, which shows a systemic and deliberate pattern of infringement. It’s possible for uploaders to set files to be made available to premium members only. With the Pay Per Download affiliate model, there is clear incentive for uploaders to share popular commercial content. Despite having examined links to thousands of files, we have not found one single example of a content producer, artist, publisher or rights holder using UltraMegaBit to monetize their own content.

Let’s examine today’s infringements:


Read on for more about UltraMegaBit.

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UltraMegaBit – The New Pirate Cove

UltraMegaBit has been under active investigation by the Stop File Lockers project for some time. Up until now we have not said much regarding what we know about this site. However we have been quietly amassing evidence of systemic commercial copyright infringement.

UltraMegaBit has promoted itself as a file locker service that cannot be touched by those of us who are working to mitigate commercial piracy, however this hasn’t proved to be true as UltraMegaBit had their Paypal account terminated just a day ago.


We have information which suggests that UltraMegaBit are not being entirely honest about their affiliations, however we’ll play along for a while, it will all become clear as our investigations progress. The fact is that having a merchant account is not the key to immunity that UltraMegaBit would have their up loaders believe. All merchants in the Visa and Mastercard payments systems have to comply with their acquiring bank contract. UltraMegaBit should read these contracts carefully, or perhaps they already know their responsibilities and just choose to ignore them.

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