AsFile. Illegal Content and rewards for uploaders.

Asfile is a file locker service which seems to really want to reward uploaders with high payouts. It also provides premium services which can be paid for using Mastercard and Visa.

UPDATE: 4th July 2012 AsFile have had their Paypal accounts terminated. All funds have been frozen for 180 days and in that time they cannot withdraw or transfer funds. They may no longer process any payments through Paypal.


This site contains alot of extremely illegal content including rape, snuff, child porn as well as pirate software, movies, music and legal pornography. There is no concern about copyright with these guys, they’ll host anything.

Below is a screenshot of their payment page with Visa and Mastercard logos clearly visible. I wonder how Visa or Mastercard feel about processing payments for child pornography and snuff films ?


To ensure they receive the maximum amount of stolen and illegal content they have a generous rewards scheme for uploaders. Below is a screenshot of their affiliate program for uploaders.


We will be working to shut this site down.


  1. Someone who doesn't like what you do says:

    So, what we have here. Another self-proclaimed do-gooder? Wanting to erase companies where people are employed to have their daily life financed? People who are just doing a job, by hosting files on servers? Files that may or may not contain illegal stuff, which they’re not responsible for? Are you better than them? No!
    Files are only defined as “illegal” by a few greedy people called copyright holders who are trying to get money out of something again and again and again which was already paid. This system is exploitation. An artist must not get money all his life long for one piece of art he crated, like a music album. Someone creating a bust can only sell the bust once. So as soon as the artist is paid for his work of art, the art shall be free to be used by anybody in case it is public art like music.

  2. Wow, Get a life. Perhaps we should work to get YOUR site shut down.

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