AsFile. Illegal Content and rewards for uploaders.

Asfile is a file locker service which seems to really want to reward uploaders with high payouts. It also provides premium services which can be paid for using Mastercard and Visa.

UPDATE: 4th July 2012 AsFile have had their Paypal accounts terminated. All funds have been frozen for 180 days and in that time they cannot withdraw or transfer funds. They may no longer process any payments through Paypal.


This site contains alot of extremely illegal content including rape, snuff, child porn as well as pirate software, movies, music and legal pornography. There is no concern about copyright with these guys, they’ll host anything.

Below is a screenshot of their payment page with Visa and Mastercard logos clearly visible. I wonder how Visa or Mastercard feel about processing payments for child pornography and snuff films ?


To ensure they receive the maximum amount of stolen and illegal content they have a generous rewards scheme for uploaders. Below is a screenshot of their affiliate program for uploaders.


We will be working to shut this site down.


  1. Someone who doesn't like what you do says:

    So, what we have here. Another self-proclaimed do-gooder? Wanting to erase companies where people are employed to have their daily life financed? People who are just doing a job, by hosting files on servers? Files that may or may not contain illegal stuff, which they’re not responsible for? Are you better than them? No!
    Files are only defined as “illegal” by a few greedy people called copyright holders who are trying to get money out of something again and again and again which was already paid. This system is exploitation. An artist must not get money all his life long for one piece of art he crated, like a music album. Someone creating a bust can only sell the bust once. So as soon as the artist is paid for his work of art, the art shall be free to be used by anybody in case it is public art like music.

    • A Realist who laughs at the ppl criticizing this site says:

      No, there’s no “problem” here at all. What we have here is somebody taking a stand for something he feels is right, with perfectly cogent thought and arguments.

      The “problem” is ppl like you who are trying to press an argument that has NO weight whatsoever because YOU have decided your entitled to something you didn’t work for or earn by any means other than that YOU have decided you want it. Sounds like the rule of the wild, like animals in the jungle actually. Not the rules of a society – where ppl are supposed to be able to count on some semblance of civilization to protect their right to life and liberty. But no, you seem to think the world should be run by criminals who get to tell their victims that you should actually be ALLOWED to rip them off?

      Fucking retards… Its sad and comical that you losers don’t have the awareness and honesty of purpose and intent to just admit that what you’re doing is wrong, that you don’t care, and that you’re going to keep on doing what you want – just because you want to. Thats honesty, thats truth. Anything else is just you rationalizing your choice of behavior. And you just can’t. Because your entire argument is not rationale. Including your impassioned plea to protect the livelihoods of the poor innocent file sharing service employees just trying to “finance their daily lives” by working for services that host stolen content created by ppl ALSO just trying to “finance their daily lives”, and being ripped off for their efforts by the same ppl screaming for more art.

      And thats not even touching what the author here mentioned about truly horrifying garbage like snuff and child porn type stuff. So what? You’re either conveniently leaving that stuff out of your commentary and argument alltogether because you know somewhere in the cobwebs of your fucked up mind and inability to grasp reality that there’s no way to win an argument against that stuff – so you just ignore it; or – you somehow think that it’s only a few “greedy people called copyright holders” that have fooled us all into defining murder and child porn as “illegal”.

      Sam to the next poster – C T. Yes… lets attack someone taking a stand for righteousness and instead actually support ppl spreading illegal content like child porn and stolen art. Holy shit – it’s an alternate universe! In your world, artists become slaves who – by simply CHOOSING to – create and express themselves through art, and somehow become beholden to just give that work away to anyone who feels entitled. Artists should smile at the thieves putting their hands into their pockets and taking away the compensation that helps to actually ENABLE them to continue to create more art… But wait, you did say something about being paid once, so I guess that means all albums will sell ONE copy :-).


  2. Wow, Get a life. Perhaps we should work to get YOUR site shut down.