Keep2Share, FileBoom & MoneyPlatform Network Details

This post will look closely at the network of sites that engage in extensive piracy and the sharing of illegal content. This network is comprised of (also known as, (also known as and

Keep2Share and FileBoom are file lockers. Users are paid based on the number of downloads their uploads receive. This is a huge incentive to upload copyright infringing and illegal content. The affiliate program for both sites is run through a website called

Keep2Share cc

FileBoom me

Moneyplatform biz

The Network

These three sites are easily tied together using analysis of the network infrastructure they use. We have been able to identify network relationships between the sites and their various hosts and servers. [Read more…]

Resellers: Providing Access to Illegal File Lockers

Many file lockers that lose, or risk losing direct payment processing turn to resellers in order to bypass restrictions placed on their direct payment processing.

One such site is VIP-KEYS.COM which is processing payments for dozens of file lockers, many of which have lost direct payment processing methods.

Premium Accounts

Time is running out for resellers as we refine our understanding of their business processes and seek to mitigate their ability to process payments.

VIP-KEYS.COM use a Russian bank to process Visa and Mastercard and it’s is likely that either an arrangement has been made with that bank or that the bank is unaware of the true nature of the business it is processing credit cards for.

We are working through the vast networks of resellers and slowly knocking them out as options for sites like FileOM which lost all of it’s direct payment processing two weeks ago.

WJunction. The home of illegal and pirate activity.

Wjunction, for those not familiar with it, is a melting pot of illegality and unlawful activity. Originally called WarezJunction it is now home to pirates, thieves, dubious hosting companies, file hosts, file lockers, streaming sites, child pornographers, pedlars of bestiality and extreme porn and copyright infringement.

In recent days, after Keep2Share lost the ability to process credit cards, astounding claims were made against this blog and our campaign to fight the illegal sharing of content on file lockers.

We have posted a screen shot below in case the original post is deleted.


Such is the utter desperation of these criminal file sharing sites, that when they run a service that allows anybody to upload anything in exchange for affiliate payments, they become surprised when they are shut down

However there is a very dark side to WJunction that we are going to reveal in this post, true criminality taking place by ‘respected’ and long time members of the WJunction community.

[Read more…]

Run a piracy blog, forum or site ? We’ll stop you accepting donations.

As we further pursue pirates, we have continued to target piracy sites accepting donations.

Many pirates seek to offset server and web hosting costs by accepting donations using Paypal, Moneybookers, Payza and other methods. However using our sophisticated web crawling and detection methods we are making this much harder for the pirates.

Below is a list of sites which have lost the ability to receive donations using various methods.

We will continue to monitor these sites and work to remove payment processing from any which choose to re-instate accounts or attempt to create new accounts

MyDownloader: The back alley into illegal filelockers.

In our quest to remove payment processing from illegal file lockers we often come across sites we call “Enabling Services”. These sites are not file lockers in their own right, but services which allow you to make use of a file locker in a myriad of ways.

One such site is At first glance it looks like a slick and highly professional service, nothing about it seems nefarious. However peek beneath the smooth veneer and you find a perfect example of an “Enabling Service”.

Before we delve into the dark realms of MyDownloader we first need to visit another web site, this is also another kind of enabling service in the form of a directory of illegal downloads. is the aptly names directory listing of all the pirate software, movies, music, porn, tv shows, games and Ebooks that you care to download.


If you look closely at the screen capture you will see one small single ad for MYDOWNLOADER in the right hand column of the site. This is the pathway to one source of finance for the site.

Update:24th July 2012 MyDownloader have lost their Paypal processing. This usually means funds are frozen for 180 days, no withdrawals or transfers are possible.

Read on for more information about MyDownloader.

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