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Like many of the file lockers we have looked at, Keep2Share profits from the sale of pirated content which they pay people to upload via their affiliate program. Keep2Share is about as bad as MegaUpload was when it was shut down.


Keep2Share have put a lot of work into recruiting uploaders of pornography – obviously with the mistaken belief that this will keep them out of trouble – however they also are heavily involved in the piracy of software, movies and tv programs


They charge people who want to download pirated content a membership fee using several payment methods including Mastercard and Visa.

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Upstore – Pirated TV Shows and Movies

by Editor on August 19, 2014

Upstore is one of the worst file lockers when it comes to unchecked TV and Movie piracy. It also hosts copious amounts of pornography including illegal content.

We have terminated payment processing for Upstore in the past however they continue to process Mastercard and Visa cards for memberships.


There are thousands of movies and tv show titles being pirated and distributed by Upstore, yet despot this they are still able to openly process credit cards to sell this pirated content.

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It’s been a busy weekend but Xerver has announced that is abandoning the take over of FileOM.

There are several reasons for this, firstly Xerver lost access to some of it’s payment processing after payment processors were notified that Xerver would be processing payments for FileOM, which had lost all ability to process credit cards

Secondly, Xerver painted a giant target on it’s service by taking over a file locker as bad as FileOM was. They immediately escalated our attention and we focussed on them as a high priority – therefore the end is also imminent for Xerver


Last of all, Xerver faces new problems. Since we increased our indexing of Xerver we have found a significant amount of content that caused FileOM to lose it’s payment processing in the first place – therefore Xerver can expect great difficulty going forward when it comes to maintaining existing payment processing and acquiring new payment processing services.

All this has happened over the weekend, on Monday we will be putting in place a course of action with the sole aim of shutting down FileOM for good and taking Xerver with it.


FIleOM out of business – Xerver takes over

by Editor on August 15, 2014

After losing access to all forms of credit card payment processing, FileOM have gone broke. Some reports are that more than $150,000 is owed to affiliates.

FileOM  Easy way to share your files

However that is not the end for FileOM as it has been taken over by At this stage it is unclear if Xerver will transfer all files across to Xerver or keep FileOM running as it is. What is clear is that Xerver have merged all affiliates to their platform.


We have already targeted FileOM and will now target Xerver in the same way.

Initially Xerver was a lower priority site for us, however with the acquisition of FileOM we have decided to give this site top priority and we will be working to shut down all forms of credit card processing for Xerver as quickly as possible.


UltraMegaBit faced a problem in mid July. It lost the ability to process payments via credit card.

It’s solution appears to be to rebrand as UPLOADTO.US and change it’s company name, however despite these cosmetic changes the site essentially remains the same.

All links to redirect to UPLOADTO.US. The site is still hosted by Choopa on the same IP block as before the change.

Below is how the site looked before the change.

Umb homepage

and below is how the site looks now.


Rudy Corella still owns the UltraMegaBit domain and the new domain is owned by Mitosis Media Inc.

Hoanvinh Nguyenphouc is believed to be behind the Mitosis Media Inc entity.

In May 2008 Rudy Corella and his co-accused Hoanvinh Nguyenphouc were dealt with by way of civil penalty in the State of Washington for the NJC Software Scam.

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Earlier this week we reported on FileOM providing pirated webcam videos for sale. Now we have found more than 80,000 pirated webcam videos available from UltraMegaBit. is run by Rudy Corella who we have written about many times on this blog, most recently for UltraMegaBit selling pirated porn and before that we wrote about Rudy Corella and his company Ultra Mega Corp being fined by the Washington State Attorney General for misleading and deceptive practices.

In all our investigations of UltraMegaBit we have not found one instance where a rights holder has made their content legally available via his service. UltraMegaBit is simply a 100% piracy operation where Rudy Corella cashes in on the theft of content.

Webcam Piracy

In recent examination of UltraMegaBit we have found more than 80,000 illegally shared, or pirated, videos of webcam performers from almost every major webcam studio.


Many of these videos are made available to premium members only, which means that people have to pay UltraMegaBit to access this stolen content.

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FileOM: Full of Pirated Webcam Videos

by Editor on July 7, 2014

There are many sites dedicated to providing live webcam shows to men who pay to watch women perform certain sexual acts, or even just chat online.

These cam performers often work on sites which geoblock their own countries and work using aliases so that their true identity is kept as private as possible.

There is a great demand for copies of videos of these performances and many cam sites sell these to their customers, however like everything else in demand, the pirate file lockers cash in on this popularity and make tens of thousands of cam performance videos available, usually in exchange for a paid membership

One serious offender in this space is, a problematic file locker which we would consider one of our highest priority targets.

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