Linked to ChayFile – Loses Payment Processing, which is owned by the same person as, has lost payment processing. As with ChayFile, the operator of this site thought he could get away with using Paypal, he couldn’t.

FileDais  Best File Hosting

FileDais  Best File Hosting

Error  Your purchase couldn t be completed  PayPal

As can be seen above the payment address is the same as that used on This file locker has run out of luck in more ways than one – they recently had a server suspended and we are working to shut off all of their hosting services. Loses Payment Processing

A new up and coming file locker ChayFile has been deprived of payment processing. It is common knowledge that Paypal will not process for illegal file lockers, yet ChayFile decided to try their luck – last week their luck ran out.

ChayFile  Cloud File Storage

ChayFile  Cloud File Storage

Error  Your purchase couldn t be completed  PayPal

We will continue to target file lockers big and small to mitigate the huge amount of copyright infringement and distribution of illegal content that these sites engage in.

UPDATE 2nd December 2014: Chayfile has been shut down by their web host.

Account Suspended

Run a piracy blog, forum or site ? We’ll stop you accepting donations.

As we further pursue pirates, we have continued to target piracy sites accepting donations.

Many pirates seek to offset server and web hosting costs by accepting donations using Paypal, Moneybookers, Payza and other methods. However using our sophisticated web crawling and detection methods we are making this much harder for the pirates.

Below is a list of sites which have lost the ability to receive donations using various methods.

We will continue to monitor these sites and work to remove payment processing from any which choose to re-instate accounts or attempt to create new accounts

More Sites have Payment Processing Terminated

The following sites have lost payment processing as of 20th January 2014. (Paypal Terminated/Blog Removed) (Paypal/Moneybookers terminated/Site Closed)

We’ll continue to monitor these sites for any attempt to continue processing payments and act to mitigate any further attempts by these sites to monetise piracy

More Sites Lose Payment Processing

The following sites have lost payment processing accounts since the 20th December.

We will continue to target infringing and illegal file lockers and sites within the file locker eco system and we will work towards the complete removal of all payment processing options for sites which support illegal file sharing.

Netload using Paypal again, however not for long.

The can be no doubt that Cyberlockers desire the ability to process payments through Paypal. No other payment system is as trusted by consumers worldwide.

Netload were terminated by Paypal last year after we gathered extensive evidence of their criminal behaviour.

However, it seems they did not learn from the experience of being denied Paypal, so they have decided to have another try, this time using the seemingly innocuous business name Antares Cloud Services Pte. Ltd.

Netload paypal

However we have quickly acted to have their account terminated and they can no longer receive payments via Paypal.

Screen Shot 2013 10 15 at 7 59 45 AM

We’d like to acknowledge the report provided to us via the Copy Control report piracy link which uncovered this deception by Netload.

Hotfile terminated by Paypal.

Today Paypal took action to terminate it’s relationship with Hotfile.

Hotfile is one of the largest sites on the Internet. A site which has attracted criticism from numerous anti-piracy groups, rights holder associations and rights holders. Having been embroiled in litigation over allegations it encouraged and facilitated copyright infringement it should have expected this day to come.


Unfortunately it is too often the case that where we find a blatant disregard of copyrights we also find a blatant disregard of human rights.

Recently a young woman was raped in the presence of her partner on a bus in India, a crime which took the life of an innocent victim. The case sent shockwaves around the world as it was noted for it’s savagery and ferociousness. At the same time as the world condemned the mistreatment of women, Hotfile was busy allowing people to share content purporting to depict rape, torture, incest and bestiality.

While the MPAA was taking Hotfile to task for breaches of copyright, we took a holistic view of the systemic problems with the Hotfile service. After substantial examination and research we came up with one simple conclusion. Hotfile is a haven for the sharing of copyright and illegal content.

Paypal took the appropriate action against Hotfile and we would encourage any other payment processor considering doing business with this site to think twice before allowing Hotfile to continue.

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