One other site accepting payments for Kim Dotcom’s new venture, Mega, is which appears to be nothing more than a front for the site.

UPDATE: 26th Jan 2013 – no longer accepts Paypal payments for Mega Memberships


Clicking a payment button takes you to a checkout page where you are able to pay via a credit card third party payment processor or via Paypal


Like all of the resellers for Mega, we will be working toward shutting down payment methods for Mega.


New Zealand company Digiweb is accepting payments for Kim Dotcom’s new venture Mega via credit card and Paypal.


Below is a screenshot from the DigiWeb shopping cart showing credit cards and Paypal as payment options.


DigiWeb, like all other resellers for Mega, is providing payment processing facilities to Kim Dotcom to circumvent the likelihood that nobody would process payments for Kim Dotcom’s company directly.

We will be working to shut down all payment processing options for the new Mega.


Voucher Reseller is processing payments for Kim Dotcom’s new Mega operation using most credit cards and Paypal as payment methods.

UPDATE: 26th Jan 2013 – Voucher Reseller no longer accepts Paypal payments for Mega Memberships

Voucher reseller mega

At the bottom of the sales page is the following statement:

You hold the keys to what you store in the cloud.

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.” Article 12 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Secure Online Collaboration

Share encrypted folders with coworkers or business partners and exchange confidential documents with transparent end-to-end encryption.

Powerful File Manager

View and manage your files in your web browser, with integrated accelerated batch up – and downloading.”

We think that rights holders have the right to be safe from unlawful copyright infringement and that this reseller arrangement will probably not last very long.

We shall be working hard to shut down all reseller arrangements for Kim Dotcom and Mega.


Yet another Instra owned brand, Europe Registry, is processing payments for Kim Dotcom’s new venture Mega via Paypal.


Instra Corporation is using multiple brands to resell Mega services. Each of these brands all go through the same Paypal payment gateway.


We will be working to bring this arrangement to an end as swiftly as possible.


Another Instra owned brand, Europe Registry, is processing payments for Kim Dotcom’s new venture Mega via Paypal.


All payments through Paypal go through Instra Corporation’s Paypal account as can be seen below.


There is a very good reason Mega uses resellers, it’s because no payment processing company would directly work with Kim Dotcom after the MegaUpload case. Resellers of Kim Dotcom’s new service are taking a risk in providing him with payment processing as they themselves may find their payment processing arrangements shut down.


Only Domains are yet another company helping Kim Dotcom use Paypal to process payments for his new venture Mega.

Paypal have widely publicised guidelines when it comes to processing payments for file sharing services and we do not believe that Paypal will allow a situation to eventuate where companies can bypass those restrictions by reselling services to services which have not met with the approval of Paypal.

Below is a screenshot showing the Only Domains payment page for Mega.


Below is a screenshot of the Paypal payment page


We will be working to ensure that this thinly veiled payment processing arrangement is not allowed to continue.


Kim Dotcom is well known for running MegaUpload, his new venture Mega and thumbing his nose at rights holders world wide. However a Melbourne company is now helping Kim Dotcom by allowing their Paypal account to be used to process payments for Mega.


Instra obviously think they will make money from being a reseller of Mega, however the decision will most likely end up being a really bad one for them.

Given the history of MegaUpload, this is of great concern to copyright rights holders world wide. There would be little possibility of Paypal working directly with any Kim Dotcom owned file sharing business, however Instra Corporation doesn’t care about any of that.


If Kim Dotcom believes that he can avoid the scrutiny of major payment services by using this thinly veiled reseller scheme then he is sorely mistaken.

Interestingly Kim Dotcome tweeted the following last year:

The world needs online payment alternatives to US based Credit Cards & Paypal. Send me your suggestions and ideas: [email protected]

It is likely that Paypal have not approved this arrangement and it is less likely that Paypal will allow this arrangement to continue as it has strict guidelines for File Sharing services which are probably not being adhered to.

We will begin working from today to ensure that no reseller of Mega is able to process payments through Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Jan. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As Mega prepares to launch their new cloud storage service on January 19, 2013, Instra Corporation – a global domain name registrar – is primed to provide expert product, billing and technical support services to users in anticipation of dramatic new global demand for the Mega service.

According to Instra CEO, Brian Clarkson, “The new Mega promises a revolution in online privacy with one-click encryption for every user, creating a secure online cloud storage service for internet users across the globe.”

During the launch phase, Instra will be assisting in day-to-day operations, providing all front-line technical support for any and all related products and services.
According to Tony Lentino, CEO of Mega, the new cloud storage service will bring immediate economic value to New Zealand in the form of new jobs as it grows the Mega venture.

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