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UltraMegabit Penalised for Deceptive Practices.

by Editor on February 28, 2014

Rudy Corella and his shady file locker have been penalised for deceptive practices. This is not the first time Rudy Corella has been taken to task by the Washington State.

In a statement released by the Washington State Attorney Generals department the following is outlined.

AG recovers $20K in settlement with Internet “file-locker” website, consumers to receive money from defendant
SEATTLE — The Washington State Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has recovered $20,000 from Rudy O. Corella, Jr., owner of Ultra Mega Corp to resolve allegations that Ultra Mega Corp engaged in a number of deceptive business practices in violation of the Washington state Consumer Protection Act.

Ultra Mega Corp, LLC (UMB) otherwise known as is a California corporation doing business via the Internet. UMB is a “file locker” — a website that stores files online and provides the opportunity for the files to be downloaded.

Unless a consumer purchases a membership, downloads are limited. Consumers may purchase memberships for $9.50 per month or $52 for six months.

The AGO alleges UMB failed to adequately disclose that member subscription plans automatically renew without the member’s approval. Additional deceptive business practices include:

• Failure to disclose that some content may be copyrighted and therefore illegal to download; and
• Implicitly leading members to believe they are accessing content legally on UMB by charging for access to that content.

“Ultra Mega Corp’s business model was confusing to consumers who are familiar with companies like Netflix or other companies that charge consumers a monthly fee to legally watch TV shows and movies,” said Assistant Attorney General Jake Bernstein, the lead on this case.

“The AGO investigation revealed that the most popular files stored on UMB are copyrighted works, such as TV shows and movies, that members can not legally download,” Bernstein said. “UMB members were unknowingly downloading copyrighted content illegally, opening themselves up to potential lawsuits by content owners, as occurred with Napster and the music industry.”

UMB does not provide any content on its own; rather, UMB pays affiliates to upload files that become available for UMB’s members to download. UMB actively solicits for and pays its affiliates up to $35 for every 1000 downloads that the affiliates’ files achieve.

The $20,000 recovered from Corella will go toward the AGO’S costs and fees.

Separately, Corella will email Washington state consumers who bought a premium membership between January 1, 2012 and November 20, 2013 and offer them a refund if they were charged for an automatically renewed membership that they did not want and did not make use of.

Consumers who bought memberships to this service, who do not hear from Corella, should file a complaint with the AGO.

Rudy Corella is the lead conspirator in the UltraMegaBit piracy outfit, owning the company. He has also had several run ins with the law over his dishonest activities such as his involvement with Elite Torrents and the sale of ScareWare fake antivirus products which misled consumers.


The can be no doubt that Cyberlockers desire the ability to process payments through Paypal. No other payment system is as trusted by consumers worldwide.

Netload were terminated by Paypal last year after we gathered extensive evidence of their criminal behaviour.

However, it seems they did not learn from the experience of being denied Paypal, so they have decided to have another try, this time using the seemingly innocuous business name Antares Cloud Services Pte. Ltd.

Netload paypal

However we have quickly acted to have their account terminated and they can no longer receive payments via Paypal.

Screen Shot 2013 10 15 at 7 59 45 AM

We’d like to acknowledge the report provided to us via the Copy Control report piracy link which uncovered this deception by Netload.


Lumfile. Worst of the worst.

by Editor on April 2, 2013 is a file locker that has been on our radar for many months. We have taken various mitigation actions against Lumfile over the past nine months. Unfortunately, the site remains a problem however it’s a problem we are determined to resolve.

Last year Lumfile lost it’s hosting in Canada due to the prevalence of illegal content on the site, then in November 2012 the site was one of many terminated by payment processor Avangate. Now the site uses alternative methods of payment processing and routinely ignores DMCA notices issued to it.


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{ 24 comments } – A Way Station for Piracy

by Editor on September 25, 2012

Bolt Sharing represents everything that is bad about the file locker industry. A site established to do nothing other than rip off content and software producers by stealing then sharing copyright infringing files.

Most people have not heard of this site, it doesn’t jump into ones mind as a legitimate place to go and store files, however the hardcore pirates know it and they use it nefariously as a way station of theft.


The front page looks unassuming and provides no indication of the massive scale theft taking place on BoltSharing’s servers.

The fact is that BoltSharing carries terabytes of copyright infringement, there’s virtually nothing else. Every file infringes copyright, every dollar transacted as an uploader earning money per download or as a downloader paying to download content is tainted.

Read on for more about BoltSharing.

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{ 7 comments } is a bit too suspect for our liking. We did a bit of digging around into Bitshare and we came up with quite a bit of disturbing evidence., like many file locker sites offer members incentives to upload. This means they host quite a bit of popular content such as Hollywood Movies, TV Shows, Stolen Pornography, Pirate Software and even extreme Child Pornography.


In recent times they have been making statements for public consumption such as “we will ban uploaders of porn” or “we will ban uploaders of copyright files”. However these statements are simply obfuscating the fact that they reward uploaders of illicit content every day.

Read on a “bit” (ok sorry we’ll stop that now!) to see what we found out about BitShare

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We previously investigated FileGag which is a file sharing site which prides itself on it’s huge collection of pirated movies, tv shows, software and pornography. They even host extreme pornography including child pornography

File Gag

They pay uploaders and affiliates a sliding scale of rewards and also use Paypal to process payments. There is no limit to the audacity of these people, they openly advertise their illegal wares.

We have re-investigated the site and have found that nothing has changed since our initial look at the site. They still accept Paypal payments and all popular credit cards through Paypal’s processing systems.

Update:1st July 2012 FileGag went down over the weekend but have re-appeared today. We will be working to have the site shut down permanently, or at very least cut of their access to payment processing.

Update:3rd July 2012 We have found much more pirate software on FileGag and more disturbingly extreme child pornography, the descriptions of which are so bad we cannot publish the search results.

Update:5th July 2012 FileGag seems to have stopped using their original Paypal account, they are now using the Paypal account of [email protected]. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Update:6th July 2012 FileGag have now lost their ability to process through Paypal. Account has been terminated, all funds held for 180 days and no withdrawals or transfers of funds are possible. They have also been suspended by Payza, leaving them with no payment options.

Update:8th July 2012 FileGag have now moved processing to Moneybookers, now known as Skrill. We’re working to shut down this processing option.

Update:9th July 2012 FileGag have been terminated by Moneybookers / Skrill.

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{ 14 comments } Doesn’t smell so good.

by Editor on July 6, 2012

FileRose has a nice name but it doesn’t smell anything like a rose, in fact it smells like ……

FileRose is an example of an illegal file locker site that has happily set up it’s site with no regard for the intellectual property of others. As such there is a load of pirate software, videos, games, movies and more to download from this site. Unfortunately there is a considerable amount of extreme and sickening child pornography hosted by FileRose.


UPDATE: 6th July 2012 FileRose have had their Paypal accounts terminated. All funds have been frozen for 180 days and in that time they cannot withdraw or transfer funds. They may no longer process any payments through Paypal.

UPDATE: 8th July 2012 FileRose started accepting Paypal again by replacing their old terminated Paypal account with a new one. This has also now been terminated. All funds have been frozen for 180 days and in that time they cannot withdraw or transfer funds. They may no longer process any payments through Paypal. Every time a file locker replaces their old payment method with a new one we will work to shut it down.

UPDATE: 8th July 2012 FileRose have added LiqPay as a payment option. We will be working with Visa and Mastercard to have this merchant relationship terminated.

UPDATE: 9th July 2012 FileRose have resumed using Paypal. We have reported this to Paypal and are hoping for a quick resolution.

Read on for more about FileRose

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