Dead Sites List: 2013

These sites are now dead as of 20th December 2013

More updates to come. Closed

Today Hotfile closed for business. This is a watershed achievement for all those involved in bringing Hotfile to account for it’s massive copyright infringement.

Hotfile com

Earlier this year, we had Hotfile terminated by Paypal. This was a massive hit to Hotfile’s finances as memberships paid via Paypal was it’s largest source of income. Hotfile was also in court with the MPAA who finally won the case against this cyberlocker.

As a result, Hotfile closed with the notice displayed in the image above. All files are now gone.

The Hotfile case proves that no file locker, no matter how big or small, can survive the will of rights holders to take commercial copyright infringement head on.

FileReactor: The site that went away!

File Reactor was a popular site amongst uploaders, unfortunately all good (bad) things must come to an end and it appears that File Reactor is no more.

We are pleased that the site has now been offline for around 24 hours and they have been having difficulty paying uploaders and affiliates for weeks.

File Reactor

File Reactor had premium memberships payable by Paypal, unfortunately that source of payment became a problem for them

Read on to find out more about File Reactor.

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