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Rudy Corella, recently fined by the State of Washington for misleading and deceptive practices, is still at it.

He continues to profit from copyright infringing content, selling access to pirated porn from his UltraMegaBit file locker service.

Obviously his credit card processing falls into the high risk category, so we’ll be doing what we can to bring this issue to the attention of his bank and his credit card processor and acquirer.


We’ve detected thousands of instances of copyright infringing pornographic material being distributed on UltraMegaBit.

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{ 2 comments } is in liquidation.

by Editor on November 21, 2013

Netload recently lost access to Paypal again and it now seems the company which owns Netload is now in liquidation.

Netload liquidation

It is possible this is the beginning of the end for Netload, or it could be that the owners will relocate ownership of the site to another jurisdiction.

While the company is in liquidation assets can be sold off and unsecured creditors, including uploaders may lose their money owed by the company.


Uploaded. One year on and nothing has changed.

by Editor on November 1, 2013

It’s been over a year since we published information about Uploaded, however in that year we have been quietly working to make things more difficult for this notorious cyberlocker.

Uploaded is loaded with copyright infringing content. It’s whole business model is based on the premise that there will be more uploads of copyright infringing content than DMCA notices issued to remove that content. It’s a giant game of risk and Uploaded do not care about limiting copyright infringement, they only need to make sure that as much content remains online as possible.

Uploaded1 use the company Cyando AG at Hauptstrasse 24, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland as their front of operations. Protected by a shielding corporate structure they continue to operate with complete disregard of all laws pertaining to intellectual property. also distributes child exploitation content and bestiality content from it’s servers and seems to do very little to combat it. Most observers looking at Uploaded’s website would make the assumption that this is a reputable provider of cloud services, however the truth is they simply pay uploaders to upload copyright infringing content.

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OTEUpload is a file locker which carries some of the worst examples we have seen of blatant piracy and child exploitation content. It has been operating since 2012. Since it opened we have been responsible for removing several payment processing arrangements from this site.


Just under a year ago we forced the removal of their payment processing through Avangate.

It seems this file locker has not learnt it’s lesson as piracy and child pornography proliferate on this site.

This week contacted us, wanting us to work with them.

From: John Adami [email protected]
Subject: Request


I am not sure if you ever recieved my previous message. I am the owner of OTE Network LLC, we have launched our first site in a stream of online services. We are happy to help you with whatever you need. If you are interested feel free to add me on skype or something else at OTE_Stephen and would like to have a chat with you or someone from your team. We have partnered ACIUF in the past and are willing to help with whatever you might find useful.

Thanks for your consideration.
John Adami

I’m not sure if John got the memo, however the only assistance we will provide to sites that purposely deal in piracy and child exploitation is to guide them to closure and bankruptcy, perhaps even prison.

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We previously investigated FileGag which is a file sharing site which prides itself on it’s huge collection of pirated movies, tv shows, software and pornography. They even host extreme pornography including child pornography

File Gag

They pay uploaders and affiliates a sliding scale of rewards and also use Paypal to process payments. There is no limit to the audacity of these people, they openly advertise their illegal wares.

We have re-investigated the site and have found that nothing has changed since our initial look at the site. They still accept Paypal payments and all popular credit cards through Paypal’s processing systems.

Update:1st July 2012 FileGag went down over the weekend but have re-appeared today. We will be working to have the site shut down permanently, or at very least cut of their access to payment processing.

Update:3rd July 2012 We have found much more pirate software on FileGag and more disturbingly extreme child pornography, the descriptions of which are so bad we cannot publish the search results.

Update:5th July 2012 FileGag seems to have stopped using their original Paypal account, they are now using the Paypal account of [email protected]. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Update:6th July 2012 FileGag have now lost their ability to process through Paypal. Account has been terminated, all funds held for 180 days and no withdrawals or transfers of funds are possible. They have also been suspended by Payza, leaving them with no payment options.

Update:8th July 2012 FileGag have now moved processing to Moneybookers, now known as Skrill. We’re working to shut down this processing option.

Update:9th July 2012 FileGag have been terminated by Moneybookers / Skrill.

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FileMates Part II: The Second Coming.

by Editor on July 3, 2012

As we reported in our earlier story about FileMates, this company is a professional piracy outfit with a snazzy website and sales pitch to match. They provide downloads of pirate movies, software, music, pornography and pay people to upload this content. They also supply copious amounts of potential child exploitation material.

File Mates

On the 2nd of July (1st July in the USA) a FileMates representative reported that their Paypal accounts had been “blocked” and they could no longer send or receive payments via Paypal. The screenshot below shows the post.


Well like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, they have now adopted two new payment processors for Premium accounts.

UPDATE: 4th July 2012 Filemates have now lost their backup processor 2CO (2CheckOut) terminated less than 2 days after setting up their account. We are still working to have OKPAY remove their ability to process payments.

UPDATE: 5th July 2012 Filemates are in the process of applying for their own merchant account and have reportedly set up integration in anticipation of being able to accept credit card payments. We will be working closely with Visa and Mastercard to ensure that any merchant account that FileMates establish is shut down promptly.

Read on for all the details of what they are now doing.

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One of the newest file lockers on the block is Squillion. This site makes money from selling premium memberships and pays uploaders when they refer premium members.

UPDATE: 4th July 2012Squillion has lost their Paypal processing and all funds have been frozen for 180 days. The Squillion representatives think this is simply an administrative issue and don’t realise they have been terminated with little hope of redemption.


Squillion has an offer which is quite blatant in how they reward users who refer premium members, in fact uploaders can set their own fees for download. Squillion quite happily accepts all kinds of content including copyright material, pornography and worse.

UPDATE: 2nd July 2012 We have re-investigated Squillion and found them to be hosting very recent pirate software, tv shows and even child pornography. We believe Paypal need to cancel the ability of Squillion to process any payments.

UPDATE: 4th July 2012 When trying to buy a premium membership from Squillion using Paypal the following message appears:


UPDATE: 5th July 2012 Squillion have been officially terminated and banned from using Paypal for payment processing. All funds are frozen for 180 days and no transfers or withdrawals can be made.


Read on for more evidence against Squillion.

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