Not so sharp now. is one of a new breed of file host who believe that they are impervious to the blunt trauma that is inflicted upon such a site when they lose all forms of payment processing. Make no mistake about it, is a home to pirate games, software, Hollywood movies and even Porn (which is against SharpFile’s TOS but happily resides there anyway). do not appear to be mitigating the heavy flow of pirate content onto their servers, in fact they encourage it by offering up to $40 per 1000 downloads. has one purpose, to be a repository for stolen content and to profit from it at the expense of rights holders.


We investigated thoroughly over a two week period. Over that time we saw infringements followed by repeat infringements. SharpFile do nothing to mitigate piracy.

UPDATE: 22nd July 2012 SharpFile have now lost their MoneyBookers payment option and currently have no premium payment options. We will ensure this site is kept under active review and act immediately if another payment processor is added.

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FileGag: Pirate Software, Hollywood Movies, Stolen Pornography and Child Pornography (Re-investigation)

We previously investigated FileGag which is a file sharing site which prides itself on it’s huge collection of pirated movies, tv shows, software and pornography. They even host extreme pornography including child pornography

File Gag

They pay uploaders and affiliates a sliding scale of rewards and also use Paypal to process payments. There is no limit to the audacity of these people, they openly advertise their illegal wares.

We have re-investigated the site and have found that nothing has changed since our initial look at the site. They still accept Paypal payments and all popular credit cards through Paypal’s processing systems.

Update:1st July 2012 FileGag went down over the weekend but have re-appeared today. We will be working to have the site shut down permanently, or at very least cut of their access to payment processing.

Update:3rd July 2012 We have found much more pirate software on FileGag and more disturbingly extreme child pornography, the descriptions of which are so bad we cannot publish the search results.

Update:5th July 2012 FileGag seems to have stopped using their original Paypal account, they are now using the Paypal account of [email protected]. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Update:6th July 2012 FileGag have now lost their ability to process through Paypal. Account has been terminated, all funds held for 180 days and no withdrawals or transfers of funds are possible. They have also been suspended by Payza, leaving them with no payment options.

Update:8th July 2012 FileGag have now moved processing to Moneybookers, now known as Skrill. We’re working to shut down this processing option.

Update:9th July 2012 FileGag have been terminated by Moneybookers / Skrill.

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