Threats & Praise

We’ve added this page to document all the threats and praise that we get. Obviously we can’t post all 400 or more threats we receive a day, so we select some outstanding ones and publish them here. Enjoy the fun, we do!

The Suggestion

Lancero: This might be a stupid-ish suggestion, but I figure that you have a lot of messages much worse then this, probably a good amount of death threats. Think you can make a section dedicated to them?

So here it is, all the fruitloops, nutters, death threats, complainers, crying uploaders, crying file hosts and all the rest for you to laugh at and enjoy!

Unhappy Uploaders

Teacher: Robert King and his pals are destined to fail in the end, all their effort can only bring temporarily inconvenience to small amateur hosts, nothing happens to big boys, party’s still going on out there.

SiMoEsTcOoOl: who are u mr ? Cashwhore n°2 ? or gay n°2 ? well no matter ! I know that I will get banned from WJ befor I have maked a DDOS Attack against this f*cking Website and yes that has real inspirated me to continue destroying this crap ASAP. Ah u have found MS Office & Sony Vegas with my name so download it for Free &. Shut the f*ck up u have found a picture of me realy ? I can upload you 100 more if u realy like one last word Fuck you! & F*ck every one who Support Gay king Go to the Hell!

Anonymous:You faggot, to think that you can fool people into thinking that you are some kind of super moral figure and are doing this out of goodness of your heart, will be a waste of time. People know what kind of dumb moron you are, getting money for your efforts? what efforts? Anyone can do these kind of sick actions you are doing. Uploading fake files and labeling them as CP, you are going to get buttfucked soon for your lies. You cannot win this war when your own methods are illegal, just wait and watch, your ass is being sued for uploading fake files to filehosts and then reporting it as its the filehost fault. Stupid dumbass.

Optimist:This is have started to think that Paypal is the only way to receive payments…yes, its one of the good ways BUT there are others like bitcoins, webmoney, moneybookers, Payza, google checkout, amazon checkout, PaySafeCard, Phone, SMS, E-Bank, Visa, Mastercard, DIRECT BANK TRANSFERS, THIRD PARTY PAYMENT METHODS…geez..there are so many of them…people are already moving away from Paypal because of them being your Biatch. Remember what happened to GoDaddy for supporting ridiculous SOPA/ACTA…they were boycotted so badly that they switched sides and started opposing stupid policies that your dumbsh*t mind could come up with.

Optimist:It is also your RESPONSIBILITY to identify contents! as you are preaching about morals here – start helping in identifying these contents and reporting them to the sites. You have received donations for that cause too!! Like i said…your so called “links” are going to be thrown out of the window as you are full of lies here. Anyone who is using their brains can clearly see through all your lies….your links, your contacts, your staff, volunteers…geez…all i see is you receiving donations and keeping it to yourself and not using it the way you can – hire atleast 2 part timers and you also start reporting these links…but NOOO why would you waste the money that you have received on things like these…you would better spend it on a barbecue/beer party and fool people here. What a bunch of hypocrites.


DaBoobies: I started to share there and earn 2-3 sales per day,they are paying taxes to german goverment, and because netload is a real company has real building and members , because of paypal NEVER block their accounts.. That means you busted mother kisser.

Osmanov Dumanov: I started to share porn in 3 hosts, I got 30 tb USA porn movies and will share them as free in rapidshare and netload, go f*ck yourself you motha f*cker.

BiGG_BoSS: What Happend 2 ryushare.We Will Not Get Any $$$ From Here ?

Vishal: I hope u die from all this stuffs you hurt honest bisness mans who make upload to feed my family bastard f*ck die in hells

Dan: We’ll find you and when we do you’ll regret it you asshole c*nt

Lonny: Where is ur real balls u wont stop us bcoz we r legal u better stop f*ck with us

Worried about Impact