lose Paypal. Resellers to follow.

As a great start to the new year, lost their Paypal payment processing.

Crocko has been a high profile distributor of illegal and copyright infringing content and as a result, there was no other outcome possible than for the site to lose Paypal payment processing.

Crocko com

Now that we have successfully restricted the ability of Crocko to accept payments we will begin working on shutting down payment processing options at all resellers.

As time goes forward we will keep putting pressure on Crocko until such time as this illegitimate business fails.


  1. Why you can not shud down webmoney?
    Why you can not shyd down paypal at

  2. Good work, King.
    But can you do something to WebMoney?? Most popular filelockers like Freakshare, Bitshare, DepositFiles and Rapidgator, use that processor to pay people for uploading copyrighted material. If they couldn’t do that, they would go down.

  3. I dont see the difference

    The Music video you download from BitTorrent, or any file sharing site – you can see for free on YouTube anyway

    For Example, Carmageddon Reincarnation will be released this year and Where did the Developers get the funding to start creating the Game? from the People who had demos from the Shareware version distributed in the 90s

    So you strip Crocko of Paypal and other Payment Processors? Its not going to stop a Pirate from Creating a Processor that you cant touch or even Directly sending Cheques or Money orders directly to the website

    Are you going to stand at every Bank and ATM in Australia and Grill Adults on what they do with their Money?

    A Losing Battle.

  4. How is it possible that there are still plenty of hosts processing with PayPal? Like for example [redacted] which has an Alexa rank of 50k and is quite popular and does not care shit about DMCA!

  5. You do a fantastic job going after the thieves. One site you should check out as well, is this one: [redacted].

    They must be breaking all kinds of copyright laws there is. They allow users to upload, then they remove the original copyright and replace it with their own. On top of that they charge money for watching the videos. So they steal others work and earn money on what belongs to others. Their billing company should be asked to stop helping them to earn money on others work.

  6. you cant shut down webmoney bcz webmoney is on russia not in usa

    also they dont offer bank transfer so the only way to add money to webmoney account is via resseller

    i dont see that you can stop it

    same issue will be with libertyreserve