Dead Sites List: 2013

These sites are now dead as of 20th December 2013

More updates to come.


  1. Thank goodness there are plenty more sites available. Knowledge is power, information should be free. For too long people have tried to be the gatekeepers of information, simply oppressing people by keeping knowledge away from them. The internet is changing that, thank god.

  2. “More updates to come.”

    Indeed. You seem to not realize that killing one site spawns two new sites.

  3. 1 site dead and 3 sites born

  4. Oi, my lovely indowebster is still alive and kicking. What are you smoking?
    This list seems full of lies. Dunno, at least thanks for the list, it saves me time to search for free filelockers :)

  5. “information wants to be free’ what a pile of horseshit. in other words, you want free shit and don’t want the people who create content to be paid. F*ck off.

    • fuqthegovt says:

      @paul If they don’t want to create it for free in their free time just to show off their talent then f*ck them, they can keep their dammed content to themselves. There’s already enough content in existence to keep people with no lives listening, watching, playing, etc for 200+ years, not like there’s a shortage anyway.

    • You’re a retard. “People who create content”, haha. These people gain pittance for their work in comparison with what big corporations / studios take away and put in their pockets. Are you really so naive to think that if someone downloads, say, James Cameron’s new movie, the guy is forced to skip one dinner? (An hyperbole example as this uncreative guy is already dirt rich, but only proves my point – “stealing” money from the people who “create content” these days only makes sense when we’re speaking of young, unestablished movie makers. For fuck’s sake, get off of your high horse of naivete already.

  6. 122 Facebook likes…Yeah I’m not sweating this.
    Seriously…Ive seen vids of people getting hit in the groin with a volkswagen and get more likes….

  7. is still alive! Movie2k still exists today under different name and server.