FileGag: Pirate Software, Hollywood Movies, Stolen Pornography and Child Pornography (Re-investigation)

We previously investigated FileGag which is a file sharing site which prides itself on it’s huge collection of pirated movies, tv shows, software and pornography. They even host extreme pornography including child pornography

File Gag

They pay uploaders and affiliates a sliding scale of rewards and also use Paypal to process payments. There is no limit to the audacity of these people, they openly advertise their illegal wares.

We have re-investigated the site and have found that nothing has changed since our initial look at the site. They still accept Paypal payments and all popular credit cards through Paypal’s processing systems.

Update:1st July 2012 FileGag went down over the weekend but have re-appeared today. We will be working to have the site shut down permanently, or at very least cut of their access to payment processing.

Update:3rd July 2012 We have found much more pirate software on FileGag and more disturbingly extreme child pornography, the descriptions of which are so bad we cannot publish the search results.

Update:5th July 2012 FileGag seems to have stopped using their original Paypal account, they are now using the Paypal account of [email protected]. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Update:6th July 2012 FileGag have now lost their ability to process through Paypal. Account has been terminated, all funds held for 180 days and no withdrawals or transfers of funds are possible. They have also been suspended by Payza, leaving them with no payment options.

Update:8th July 2012 FileGag have now moved processing to Moneybookers, now known as Skrill. We’re working to shut down this processing option.

Update:9th July 2012 FileGag have been terminated by Moneybookers / Skrill.

As you can see in the screenshot below, FileGag has multiple options for premium payments including Paypal.


Update:8th July 2012 FileGag have now moved processing to Moneybookers, now known as Skrill. We’re working to shut down this processing option.

Below is a screenshot of the Moneybookers/Skrill Payment page.


We have found that they reward uploaders and affiliates with generous commission payments which entice uploaders to place popular, usually copyright or illegal content, onto the site.

Below is an ad on a forum offering uploaders and affiliates a chance to profit from illicit content.


In the screenshot below you can clearly see some of the porn files available for download from FileGag, all easily obtainable simply by using Paypal to make a payment to the site.


4th July 2012: We found all the latest Adobe software products available for download from FileGag.


We will be working with Paypal and other payment processors to make it impossible for FileGag to receive payments. We will also be seeking to have them removed from the Internet by targeting their hosting company.


  1. Alexander says:

    I know that you upload copyright materials and after that report on paypal… how can you know exactly what files are hosted on website? or how you know the paypal email if you don`t use it or you dont even get paid maybe. Why you dont report files to be deleted and you report on paypal? go away asshole.

    • It’s easy to find these files because uploaders paste them all over forums and warez websites in order to earn money for their downloads.

      As you seem to have issues with basic comprehension, may I suggest an adult literacy course ?

  2. CamTata says:

    Adult literacy course, LOL. I suggest calling Dr. Kevorkian!

  3. I have a membership to Filegag and there are no child pornography files…

    • How do you explain the thousands of links to files named in such a way as to suggest child exploitation material which appear on any search in Google or File Locker search sites, or on forums ?

      • Source please.
        you can say much but i doubt it is true.

        and the name of a file doesnt say anything about it contents.

        • They are uploading this material themselves and then blaming the filehosters on paypal.

  4. Vlad III says:

    Only in the internet world can someone with the IQ of a snail write and speak logically Hail to all keyboard ‘bidness mans’ =))

  5. How do you know they host child pornography lol

    their tos says no porn , and even in the wj thread they posted no porn allowed , check their wjuncton thread they banned all porn uploaders right from the launch of the site.

    But your blog post title is hilarous ,

    And you got their pp banned for no reason

  6. who the f*k re u to investigate and write stupid things
    , they might sue you for defamation
    I have seen lots of site have affiliate program , they use for promo of their site and products wtf is wrong with it ?

  7. I applaud this mission in many ways.
    The comment that one uploads files and then reports it to paypal is amusement.
    The descriptions up-loaders use to get money are most of the time illegal descriptions, no matter if the file actually contains what the description says, it is a sneaky way to get traffic from people who surf for illegal porn. I think this is pretty sick to make your few pennies by using descriptions that are way to damaging to the public and law.

    So, no matter if the content contains what the description tells you, using these kind of terms is pretty sick, and puts the file host program under a spotlight. And deserves to be beaten off the net with a iron fist

    It are the users who crawl for a few bucks into the darkness that destroy their feeding hand.

    Carry on your actions, clean the file share corner, cause they have profited to long from illegal terms and tricky uploads. Scum of the earth!!

    This comes from a webmaster who actually is disgusted by file share webmasters. You all put us in a bad daylight.
    Suppose the media actually thinks Webmasters of Adult sites use file share hosts? There is no other way as a declaring war to those who abuse the adult industry and take profit from this!

  8. Editor, as you a software developer or movie maker, if not keep your nose out