Today Hotfile closed for business. This is a watershed achievement for all those involved in bringing Hotfile to account for it’s massive copyright infringement.

Hotfile com

Earlier this year, we had Hotfile terminated by Paypal. This was a massive hit to Hotfile’s finances as memberships paid via Paypal was it’s largest source of income. Hotfile was also in court with the MPAA who finally won the case against this cyberlocker.

As a result, Hotfile closed with the notice displayed in the image above. All files are now gone.

The Hotfile case proves that no file locker, no matter how big or small, can survive the will of rights holders to take commercial copyright infringement head on.


  1. congratulations! but it does not look like hotfile closed down due to a lack of money. The site was FORCED closed by the court until they implement further measures to ensure no additional copyright infringement occurs such as digital fingerprinting. You probably wont post this comment because we all know how narcissistic your writings are. If your paypal closure was the reason they shutdown, do you really think the site would still be up serving the page? You are a funny man!!

  2. The closure is a stupid move:
    1. There were users who stored LEGAL personal/company files in Hotfile. Will MPAA pay for the loss?? I don’t think so!
    2. Pirates have long dumped Hotfile! Its closure only have tiny effect!
    3. There are MANY ways to do copyright infringement.Even IF the internet were shut down, people could still copy materials using DVD-RW and video records.

    Want to stop piracy? LOWER PRICE!!! And maybe also ban all recording devices…

    • Man you are totally right!

    • Yup, hotfile has not been used for warez for a loong time. It was mostly Android ROMs nowadays. I really don’t understand what’s the point of this. Maybe because I am downloading stuff with pirate discount from mediafire right now. Heheh..

      • Yep, Hot file closure hurt a lot of people doing legitimate business. Don’t you think your little blind crusade might turn more people away from it?

  3. And their new project will be available on December 15. Can’t wait. :)

  4. Please terminate PAYPAL of Salefiles!

  5. Your crusade goes too far…. Why don’t you advocate for the closure of the Internet instead??? Don’t forget to eradicate all recording devices. Clearly, users can still pirate with other means, like via emails or DVD… Piracy will ALWAYS LIVE! That’s the truth…. and fact of life…

  6. The notice is full of lies. Netflix, Hulu, etc. only work in the US. A lot of Youtube channels are blocked outside the US too. Most shows aren’t broadcasted on TV aswell, or if they are, they come months after the initial US release
    For most of the Earth population there isn’t other way to get movies or TV shows than online sharing.
    Moreover the notice seems to imply than hosting sites only host copyrighted material, which is just plain wrong. They provide a good way to store data backups. F*ck the copyright lobby.

  7. seriously? says:

    omfg … i just stumbled across this site while searching for the case around hotfile.
    Please, just close this site! You are just pathetic and this whole site is ridiculous…

    Hasta la victoria siempre !!!! Piracy lives !

  8. Colin Young says:

    And cost those of us with legitimate bushiness thousands more when you shut down the file lockers that province us with hosting services.

    The closure of Hotfile drive my hosting fees up 800%.

    So,please, tell me how you’re a ‘friend to business’ again? Because this has certainly cost this ‘copyright owner’ quite a bit more than the pirates have.

  9. fuqthegovt says:

    Hotfile and Megaupload both should have moved to Antigua (home of AnyDVD publisher, they basically told the US govt to go shag a rat after they blocked their online gambling industry) and told the MPAA and all US courts to go fv(k themselves instead of paying them $80M. If I were a pro pirate (I just do it at my own expense atm just to fu(k with the MPAA/RIAA and sites like this one) that would be my base of operation, if I didn’t go the torrent route and distribute the hosting like Piratebay currently does.

  10. killthepirates says:

    Unfortunately the internet is still the wild west, with no policing, the latest trick the fileshare lockers are doing is “virtual links” so .. when given a dmca notice to remove a list of files, they just send their client (the pirate) a new list of the same files under a new url, and delete the old virtual links, as though they are removing the links, but are really just … renaming them for their client.. thus enabling the pirates to continue to destroy small businesses…. and , do not have a “repeat offender” policy, thus allowing this to continue … sad but true, but some day… they will get theirs!!!! :-)

  11. warez_rocks says:

    I personally support piracy and sharing illegal content. You can’t stop me or others from sharing paid software. You fools! was just one of the many file sharing websites… There are many others. At every minute while a website is taken down another is open….Think about it!