Instra Corporation accepting payments for Kim Dotcom via Paypal

Kim Dotcom is well known for running MegaUpload, his new venture Mega and thumbing his nose at rights holders world wide. However a Melbourne company is now helping Kim Dotcom by allowing their Paypal account to be used to process payments for Mega.


Instra obviously think they will make money from being a reseller of Mega, however the decision will most likely end up being a really bad one for them.

Given the history of MegaUpload, this is of great concern to copyright rights holders world wide. There would be little possibility of Paypal working directly with any Kim Dotcom owned file sharing business, however Instra Corporation doesn’t care about any of that.


If Kim Dotcom believes that he can avoid the scrutiny of major payment services by using this thinly veiled reseller scheme then he is sorely mistaken.

Interestingly Kim Dotcome tweeted the following last year:

The world needs online payment alternatives to US based Credit Cards & Paypal. Send me your suggestions and ideas: [email protected]

It is likely that Paypal have not approved this arrangement and it is less likely that Paypal will allow this arrangement to continue as it has strict guidelines for File Sharing services which are probably not being adhered to.

We will begin working from today to ensure that no reseller of Mega is able to process payments through Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Jan. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As Mega prepares to launch their new cloud storage service on January 19, 2013, Instra Corporation โ€“ a global domain name registrar โ€“ is primed to provide expert product, billing and technical support services to users in anticipation of dramatic new global demand for the Mega service.

According to Instra CEO, Brian Clarkson, “The new Mega promises a revolution in online privacy with one-click encryption for every user, creating a secure online cloud storage service for internet users across the globe.”

During the launch phase, Instra will be assisting in day-to-day operations, providing all front-line technical support for any and all related products and services.
According to Tony Lentino, CEO of Mega, the new cloud storage service will bring immediate economic value to New Zealand in the form of new jobs as it grows the Mega venture.

About Instra Corporation Pty. Ltd.

Formed in 1997, Instra Corporation is a privately-owned company based in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, Instra has expanded its initial domain name business from New Zealand and Australia into a leading, world-wide domain registrar.

Instra Corporation supplies over 300+ country domains worldwide and has direct accreditations with over 100 registries. Many companies and household brand names from around the world take advantage of Instra’s unique and sophisticated Domain Management System to actively manage their online intellectual property. Our customers come from over 160 different countries.


Brian Clarkson
CEO Instra Corporation
[email protected]
+61 408 020 126
+61 3 9783 1800 – Ext 122


  1. On what ground do you plan to act against Mega? their upload is not working, meaning they have no uploaded files in their servers, meaning there are no copyrighted files there. Now everyone can see that you don’t care whether the file host has copyrighted material or not, you just hate all of them and want to take down all of them.

    • There have been uploads to Mega and files from Mega are being shared on piracy sites including warez and cracking sites.

      • Show some screenshots then.

      • ๐Ÿ˜€ u r such a funny guy

      • So I’m confused about what makes Mega different? Why couldn’t I just upload password protected rar files to dropbox and do exactly what I would do with Mega? Stop being a cock about this, and dedicate your life to something that makes the world a better place.

      • You didn’t even give Mega a time to respond to the DMCA take down notices, they only exists for like 24 hours.
        This is not a fight against piracy, this is a fight against a legitimate business called file hosting.

      • Still waiting on those screenshots.

        • What on earth is your problem, this is a legitimate business he is trying to start up, how is that going to hurt you? All files are encrypted! What about Google drive??? What about YouTube and all those videos??? Come on, you are a real prick who hates to see people succeed. I would love an area in the cloud to store all my family videos and photos in the case of fire etc! Leave Dotkom alone you stupid wanker! More than 500 000 people signed up, majority rules! Come right you bloody Australian!

      • G Thompson says:

        I hope you’re prepared for a whole lot of actions against yourselves under both Australian and NZ tort laws. Especially telling would be a tortuous Interference class action by all customers of Visa and/or MasterCard within Australia (and NZ though that would be a separate jurisdictional claim) both with the card providers as vicariously liable joined parties to yourselves as the main respondents for initiating such interference with no lawful authority.

        As for the allegation that uploads are being shared on so called warez and cracking sites that is for a court to decide and action can only be initiated by authorised representative agents of the copyright holders and not yourselves. And for suggesting that there has been some unproven, based on your allegations, impropriety with the intent to cause harm to MEGA’s business can lead you into the area of Australia’s and NZ defamation laws [ask your solicitors about Gutnick ] with no ability to hide under the US’s first amendment protection.

  2. funny. what about

  3. Concept of Mega is just not good for warez. Look at other sites, like hotfile and so on.
    There is a download limit on Mega and it also doesn’t have unlimited storage. Mega is just a regular cloud storage Like Google Drive, Dropbox, ADrive (which also has 50 gigs of free storage)
    I want to use Mega as a storage for my photos in raw and my work in After effects.

  4. Why don’t you just close down the internet – GDrive, Google Search engine (which has lists of links to illegal content!) and, oh, what about Bing, shut that one down too!
    Based on your webpage, which has plenty of anti-Kim Dotcom material, I take it this is a witch hunt and nothing more. PLUS, I see that you are trying to raise money for your cause and in 6 months you have managed to raise what would take 6 weeks for Kim Dotcom to raise because of the mass following that he has. The difference between yourselves and Kim is that you spread lies to help your cause, you manipulate the facts and figures and spout them out to people who have no idea about the real truth.

  5. Editor, you have no idea what your talking about….. maybe you need to re watch the mega conference and listen to what mega is all about, it has nothing to do with piracy.. and for the record… ANY file distribution medium is prone to copyright infringement…. regardless of what it is email, ftp, dropbox, filelockers, http, bittorent…. the fact is ALL new advancement in sharing are being shot down which is preventing technology moving forward and progressing.

    You need to be looking at the bigger picture as to why copyright happens in the first place, plain and simple… COST (greed), Availability…… Spotify is a great example of a service that is now wiping its arse with the likes traditional music distribution… why has this worked ? because its cheap $14 a month unlimited music, playlists, enjoyment the subscription based model and availability RIGHT NOW is what has made this service a massive success…

    BTW if you didn’t know Sean Parker was one of the investors and had a lot of input into spotify and if you know who Sean Parker is he developed the famous Napster… lol.

    This is the future and this is where it is moving, trying to stop it is futile that is like trying to stop evolution.

    Be done with it, move on and get a better job, you wont find solace in what you do in your later years, more so a service like yours will have short term gains with long term consequences, and many people not liking you.

    My 2cents.

  6. A big company will take you down mr. king, for interfering with legitimate business (as stated by lawyers). mega is not responsible for any files that are shared, if u try to do anything against mega, you will cry.

    • IgotKnowledge says:

      I totally agree with you here. I think mr king does not have anything better to do. He seems to want to be a failure. Leave mega alone, because what youre doing right now is stupid.

  7. Antimafia says:

    F*ck you, Robert.

  8. u mad bro?

  9. Like Espire said, a MEGA company will take you down. I never heard of you or your company but all I had on megaupload was videos, MY VIDEOS, I like making movies and all I stored was MY MOVIES that are now gone because of c*nts like you and all of your suporters.

    Working to take down filelockers is just lame, why don’t you take down my dropbox account? I have like 5GB of illegal porn and 1 illegal movie that I share with a lot of friends.

  10. Undertaker says:

    Mega has not been up as long as other “filelockers” and “cloud sites” yet your already going against them. What is the reason? Warez? Where is your proof!

    Upload doesn’t even work! Yet your already going against them. Did you send any DMCA notices? NO.

    So please be quiet before someone takes you down for libel. You have been warned.

  11. Abdel Kade says:

    Robert Kingโ€™s get a real job plz mega, rapidshare, uptobox have right to exist.

  12. The day this guy goes after dropbox and google drive etc I will believe him.
    Until that day comes he is just on a personal witch hunt.

  13. I hate this page because i love mega there i have my videos sharing with my friends i think you don’t have anything to do, I think you should close this page.

  14. Mega is not a filelocker, is more a site like dropbox, box or google drive. So i dont really see the point in this fight (or is it personal?).

  15. Pirates, grow up.

  16. Haha you are utterly pathetic. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that you think digital copyright is anything other than a puerile illusion, or the fact that you believe you can do anything about it.

    The internet is free and wild, you cannot stop people pirating. Attempting to stop it is counter-productive. You should grow up and realise this; either get off the internet and sell REAL products, or accept that you aren’t actually selling anything but information.