Mega Piracy: It’s just the beginning

Mega has only been live a few days, however it’s already becoming a go to place for pirates wanting to share copyright infringing content.

We have detected numerous instances of Mega being used to distribute copyright content including cracks (software to circumvent copyright protection), music, movies and software.

Given that Mega says that it encrypts every file uploaded to it, many pirates are seeing it as the perfect storage vehicle for content that they are wanting to share with other pirates or that they wish to store in safe keeping to hang on to should their other distribution methods come under attack by anti-piracy groups.

Let’s examine some of what we have found so far.

Movies are being shared on Mega from piracy websites. This 2008 movie “Defiance” is being shared from a piracy blog and hosted at Mega for download.



Music is being shared on Mega from several piracy sites. The example below is from a very popular piracy site which regularly has it’s content listed in the file locker search engine It’s worth noting that in Google’s transparency report it’s recorded that is the subject of more DMCA notices issued to Google than any other site.


Above we see the site from which the file is shared, listing the download amongst other infringing file lockers (Rapidgator, Bitshare & Tusfiles). Below we see the file hosted at Mega ready to download.


Another item of music, “Blew” by Nirvana, is shared on another piracy site.


Above we see the site sharing the music title and below the file ready to download, without restriction, from Mega.


Cracks to unlock copyright protection in software titles are also appearing on Mega. A crack allows the user to circumvent copyright protection features in software titles. In this example below we see a crack for Windows 8 by Microsoft. The crack purports to allow the user to unlock Windows 8 and use it as the full version without restriction.



It’s less than a week since Mega opened and it’s already becoming a go to web site for pirates. Movies, music and copyright circumvention software is being shared, piracy discussion forums are buzzing with chatter about Mega, we can only predict that as time moves forward that Mega will become a very popular repository for copyright content.


  1. Get off your high horse, Mr. King. People will pirate, whether you like it or not. Shut down Mega, and guess what, people will go to the Pirate Bay. Shut down Pirate Bay? People will go to a Pirate Bay proxy or some other torrent site. Shut down those? People will go back to irc pirating and darknet.

    You list a music as content being shared from Mega? Well, why don’t you go after YouTube then? If I really wanted that crappy Nirvana song, I can just go to Youtube.

    I won’t even need Mega’s service. Seriously, do you realize how easy it is to pirate regardless of Mega’s presence? Copyright? If people are not paying you for a song or a movie, chances are that this particular song or movie sucked so bad that no one wants to pay for it. Why do you think comedians like Louis CK can still make millions without charging exorbitant price? Because people are willing to pay reasonable price for his content. We have enough quality movies and music to go on for an entire life time, so maybe you should go do something more useful with your life, like charity or something.

    Also, if I want to watch Defiance, I just type “Defiance watch” and I’ll have millions of links where I can watch it for free. You might want to go after those instead, as they probably host more copyrighted content than Mega right now (or link to them). Like I said, it’s a never ending fight, and you’ll never ever win, unless someone decides to pull the plug on the internet, which will never happen.

    Like I said before:If not File Lockers, it’s Torrents, if it’s not Torrents, it’s IRC Pirating, if it’s not that, people will go to Darknet.

    Also, if you notice that a lot of these sites are foreign, like Brazilian and Mexican. This is exactly what Mr Kim Dotcom has been talking about. the problem with Hollywood is that they’re still stuck with region locking. Had these people been provided with a reasonably priced copy of Defiance, chances are they’d buy it, instead of pirating it. Hollywood wants people to buy their movies, but don’t provide it to the world, and then get mad when these same foreign people pirate it.

    As for you Mr.King, I suggest you shut down this blog. Your efforts are meaningless in the long run, and I know that well, because as a long time foreign pirate for more than a decade (dating back to the Napster days), the measures taken by anti piracy groups such as yours have never ever prevented me from getting the content I want, for free.

    Peace out.

    • james brawn says:

      bla, i think same of you

    • I remember having a debates about file-sharing and piracy when Napster was being closed down a decade ago. There was always a few diehard pro-copyright advocates that were sure internet piracy would come to an end. It hasn’t. Its much easier. Your correct, the blog is a total waste of time.

    • you’re right, or give us a reasonable price or anything.

    • Ooooh the big bad pirater!!! How about pay for your stuff ypu freeloading, tightass dogturd.

  2. No law states that you must verify every file is not copyright when being uploaded.
    No law states that you must check every car that parks in your carpark, or search every person walking into your mall. Humans commit crimes, thats just part of the real world.

    If someone has uploaded a file to mega, it is them that has commited the breach of civil law, not the company that provides the service which allows the storing of that file which they have uploaded in breach of the EULA – in the same way a pub owner is not responsible for the drug deals that may happen in the pub they own or a landlord would be responsible if someone made drugs in a place they were renting out.

    How about you actually do some research on the history of copyright going back to the time the printing press was invented, which wasnt really that long ago, actually learn the reasons for copyright in the first place and the penalties and the way the law is used to deliver justice for copyright owners.

    You have obviously decided to go on a crusade against file lockers to what ends I dont know, you are not challanging the laws to have them designed to protect copyright owners, you are attacking the providers who have a ligitimate service to offer to the public.

    There are several global laws that states have signed up to covering copyright, and there are also laws which allow for derivative works and transcoding of content from one media to another.

    In some states, it is perfectly legal to copy the music or video from a CD/DVD and place that on another medium, this is covered by the ‘reasonable use’ clauses of copyright law and many precedents have been set in this regard.

    For instance, in some states, it is perfectly legal, to copy music from CD and place it in the cloud as long as it is for your own use.

    Labeling anyone who chooses to import their physical CD onto their computer, adding it to their iTunes library and then storing that library on the internet as a ‘pirate’ is just wrong and would not hold up in a court of law.

    The way you are attacking this problem is criminal in itself, you are not attacking the people who have copied content and uploaded it to a service provider, you are not attacking the person who then provided the link to that file via another web site, you are attacking the service provider as if their sole reason for providing the service is to support piracy which simply false.

    Unfortunately, your interest in this situation is not for the good of the people – which far outways the good of the movie industrys bank balance.

    If you identify instances where cloud services are being abused, it is your responsibility to notify the copyright holders, and it is their responsibility to raise a take-down-notice. If you have posted on this site, and neglected to inform the copyright holders of the license violations, you are in fact supporting piracy yourself.

  3. Instead of trying to place the blame on cyber lockers. try placing the blame on its users. All this shit was happening before Mega. Do you know why? Because if a storage service can be used, then it can be abused.

    Why not go about removing the content via the industry standard of DMCA takedown requests? I know for a fact Mega have already recieved and acted upon several DMCA requests, removing the files from their servers.

    Read NordicNode’s comment. I find it funny how you’ve completely disregarded it because you know he’s correct.

    • DMCA takedown requests can only be issued by the owner of the original copyright, or an entity acting on their behalf. In fact, you can get fined for issuing DMCA requests for stuff that doesn’t belong to you (becuase when it doesn’t belong to you, you have no idea whether the uploader isn’t in fact *allowed* to have uploaded the file.)

      All you could do is indicate the presence of the file you SUSPECT to be illegally shared to the original rightsholders, so THEY might send a DMCA takedown request if they choose to. But even that would be masses more effective than going around posting screenshots that prove diddly squat.

  4. I like mega, mega is the best :-)

  5. God… why do even dedicate this site to “file lockers” instead of going directly what you’ll aim for in the end? You site should be called

    As it stands now you’re nothing but a fashist. “I don’t like it so it mustn’t exist!”.

  6. Yeah you are right blogger, but you should blaming at the uploader, the Mega service i’s just the via

  7. Rick O'Shea says:

    All Mega is doing is soiling and tarnishing the reputation of a beautiful country. But, hey, that’s nothing new…so long as he facilitates ‘free stuff’ who cares about anything else eh?

    BTW it’s not about ‘freedom’ as DotEgo keeps saying. He knows he was complicit in wholesale infringement (just read the internal memos of the indictment if you don’t believe me) it’s just about making DotEgo and his sycophants more money.

  8. Hey thanks!

    I didn’t know this movie yet, i just downloaded it! Thanks a lot, please give more hints!!


  9. Eat a fat dick you god damn piece of sh*t. All you do is try and ruin the life of other people people cause they are too god damn broke to buy sh*t. Just cause we all cant be god damn f*cking goodie two shoes and have money to buy sh*t doesn’t mean we are horable people. Go f*ck yourself sir.

  10. so far the new mega is a mega fail. many users are reporting that their downloads fail to decrypt properly resulting in a wasted download. not many are happy to restricted to use a single browser, google’s chrome. the speed for free users is mighty fast though. thanks for the heads up regarding the new black rebel motorcycle club single. went and listened to that on youtube. didn’t use the downloadhelper add-on to download it though…. 😉

  11. Wayne Carr says:

    Unfortunately it’ll be a little harder to completely get Kim right away, there is no affiliate program. The practical pirates want to make money and do so by going to those who pay the most.
    The jackass is cashing in on his ego and all the simpletons are feeding into it.

  12. chuck norris says:

    I love Mega :)

  13. Mr. Pragma says:

    The war you just started is a war that will have mainly 1 victim: You.

    The situation isn’t about sympathy for Kim Dotcom nor about supporting pirating.

    It is about the content mafia and the fact that most reasonable human beings just have more than enough about all those criminal schemes. Those crooks in Hollywood and elsewhere don’t care the slightest about Freedom or Fairness. All they care about is money, more money and even more money. Their way to get it is to ignore and supress our rights and to regard us a cash cows.

    Sure you can throw some stones in Mega’s way. But can you withstand thousands of attacks by hackers? Can you withstand losing thousands customers of your sites? Can you withstand all those coming legal attacks on you?

    [Miscellaneous threats removed]

  14. Piracy is good for the economy!

  15. Rick O'Shea says:

    @ Mr Pragma I don’t support this site because of Hollywood and the various organisations allied to that. I support this site because I’m sick of seeing small, independent producers and developers being screwed daily by the DotEgos of this world who think it’s fine to take their work and gain money, power and status from it, while giving NOTHING back.

    The independents aren’t greedy or out to gain power but they’re the ones run roughshod over by those who seek to carve out their own agenda. There’s no ethics. There’s no noble cause. There’s no freedom or fairness. There’s just greed and lies.

    DotEgo’s hijacked a movement and the ignorant simpletons who’ve bought his hype, now somehow believe that he represents freedom and ‘sticking it to the man’ when it’s only about personal wealth and power….it always has been too. Just look at his history.

    And people wonder how all those other dictators, tyrants and despots prevail? By reciting the same kind of bullshit as DotEgo over and over until the sheeple buy into it

    DotEgo, cyberlocker owners and others who seek to make money from the work of others while contributing nothing in return are bullies. And anyone who takes a stand against a bully is alright in my book.

    [We don’t allow links in comments.]

  16. I find it funny, that if there is a file that has copyright metals you could just contact them to take it down . which would be the smartest move to do and second is that there is no way for you to tell if there a copyright file in there, if the only one able to know that is the user who upload the file. HIT Private Key Code to protect again people like you . How in the hell do you know there million of copyright metals if the company just started allowing uploading file to there servers plus there no law again cloud and protecting file with 1024 key code or more, which means he company not breaking the law his user are.

  17. You know, I used to have the attitude some people did here in saying that downloading copyrighted material didn’t harm anybody but lately I’m not to sure anymore. I’ve seen a lot of stores close down that used to supply rental dvd’s, blurays etc… and the impact of on-line piracy is plain to see. This can’t be good because a lot of people lose their jobs at the end of the day. I still don’t believe in blaming sites like Mega though, that would be like shutting down the postal service because someone sent someone else a copied album through the post. So what’s the answer?, I believe a different business model is needed. Services like Spotify where you can legally listen to a wide variety of tracks and are supported by advertising services. This way the artist gets paid, spotify gets paid and the advertisers get paid by more people buying whatever they are selling. Another way would be to support open source software/music, talented software developers making software that are just as good as their commercial cousins. Just some ideas.

    • Antoni, I hate to break it to you but you are wrong. I worked in a video store for one of my first jobs. I told my co-workers the company was going to go bankrupt. Guess what it did! The company went bankrupt. I have spent my whole life observing, I see patterns and analyse trends as just a part of who I am. My customer’s moved to services like netflix (DVDs before they offered a streaming option), video on demand (from cable & satalite) & redbox all more convenient than coming down to my store. I did not begrudge them. I did not start downloading movies as a kid cause I was too cheap to pay for them I was not even 14 no car no job no way to buy or go see the movies (my parents were useless human beings). I loved movies I never ever had an issue paying for them, I do today.

      The fault is with the old farts with a junky business model. It was years after Napster ,June 1999 to July 2001, before the first viable commercial solution to music downloads was available iTunes, April 2003 and an 6 additional years after that till the music company buttholes would unsaddle all this paid for music from restrictive DRM on April 2009.

      So you say you think you see the effects of piracy, no what you see is the effect of media companies reaping what they sow. Suing customers cause despite what they would have you believe most downloaders were and are buyers. Hell i bought the first halo game 3 times for my xbox and once for pc. Bought halo 2 twice, bought halo 3. I also downloaded COPIES of these games from the net. Same for batman begins plus countless movies and tv series. So according to the online statistics thoes were all lost sales. Bullocks all of it I “pirated” minecraft at the same time I was processing my transaction to pay for it. Guess what!? I am glad I did cause when i got done paying for the game I found out I could not play it because the download servers were down for 2 days. So guess what, I played my “pirated” copy and I was happy.

      I always download a DRM free copy of any goods I buy, I still have CDs in plastics cause it’s faster and easier to download the songs than to rip them from my CD’s. Still have not watched Across the universe, but I bought the CD. Went home chucked it in a drawer and downloaded the album. Bought a switchfoot CD only to find I could not rip it because of the buit in DRM so I downloaded it.

      Buy a movie and try and copy YOUR movie to YOUR computer so you cam stream it to any room in YOUR house. You can’t do it because of the DRM on the Bluray/DVD. You pay for it and they tell you what you are allowed to do with it then bitch and cry when you go get it for free somewhere else cause you don;t want to deal with bullshit restrictions on stuff YOU PAID FOR!!!!

      So no no sympathy for big media, they are to blame. EVOLVE OR DIE

      You don’t hear anyone crying or moaning that DVD replaced VHS but guess what when video cassette recorders were first released…. BAM!!!! Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc., 464 U.S. 417 (1984), also known as the “Betamax case”…. UNIVERSAL TRIED TO SUE SONY!!!!!! Video Cassettes became a huge market for Movie companies. DVD lowered fabrication and shipping cost and instead of moving naturally to content on demand with ubiquitous in home devices they clawed desperately to maintain a stranglehold on the market filing lawsuits against families, children and fear mongering destroying public image and spending millions on law suits rather than on innovation that would allow them to thrive in a bustling new technotopia. Now they are stuck with the public image of a bully and the very people who kept them alive with their pocket books no longer care if they die.

      Entertainment is optional — If I don’t download your show, movie or song my life wont be worse off I can read a blog a book learn a new skill, create something. All these entertainment industries are a waste. If you live till you are 80 that is less than 30,000 days 2 seasons of tv equals 1.375 days that’s if you don’t watch the commercials if you do that is 1.833333333333333 days for a 60 minute show!

      The short-sightedness evil lawsuits and fear mongering has alienated the customer base. Until the media companies accept that they need to allow the customer their LEGAL RIGHT to FAIR USE, apologize for their misdeeds that financially crippled families and finally and fully comprehend that some customers are never coming back and will continue to consume the way that they have grown accustomed to they will be fighting an uphill battle and continue to lose….

      • Amen. If I had the option to financially reward commenters on this blog, Mr. Big here would be getting $5 from me right now.

  18. Gameplays are legal? in youtube a lot of partners win money making videos playing games…

    And what you thing about sites can you sell your archives like or can be considered filelockers? can have big pirate files, no?

    In Dropbox can find copyrigthed files (is dificult but exist) in mega is the beginning, but in dropbox and others have pirate too.

    Analize all sites NO only mega, Why dont see in this page mediafire, it dont pay with paypal?

  19. Antoni, why are you blaming piracy for brick and mortar video stores shutting down? Legal streaming services like Netflix (including it’s video by mail) as well as traditional cable and DVR services undoubtedly played a huge part in killing the store. When you have a mailbox and an internet connection, what is the point of driving to a video store?

  20. Spotify pay the artist $0.004 per play which is a pittance compared to what they are getting from the advertising services – and fans or consumers of music think it is absolutely fine for Spotify and corporate advertising companies to make millions off the back of their fav artists who are painfully under compensated, so long as they are getting their content for free they dont care really. What a weird word we live in today.

  21. @Antoni: That’s just ridiculous. Everyone know video stores weren’t killed by piracy, they were killed Redbox and Netflix.

  22. Also you don’t know any indie artists, otherwise you’d know don’t make money from album sales, they get their money from concerts and merch. If you want support the artist? buy a T-shirt, poster, concert, etc.

  23. hey EDITOR can your reply this? i have a question for you, wanna see your point of view.

  24. I agree with Antoni

  25. Jack Heath says:

    The movies coming out now are such crap it’s really no loss either way since I have no desire to watch or download movies pirated or otherwise. That said, I am a little pissed that thanks to your paranoid and corrupt organization of lobbyists for the movie industry a legitimate and useful file locker service is being persecuted. Family pictures, family videos, and backups of the various media I purchase (all things I legitimately own) now can’t be shared or utilized as easily. But more importantly, I find it interesting that the biggest complaints of file sharing seem not to be about movies, but sharing of TV episodes…something that anyone could record on a VCR the date it aired for free. Not that it isn’t the media companies right to resell episodes. But why is the world being turned on end and legitimate users being persecuted over file sharing of something the networks freely distributed to begin with? Your right or not to own it, it certainly warrants pause before you turn Pay pal, the UN, and the US government into your personal police force at tax payer expenses. I certainly don’t get to use the FBI as my personal gestapo every time a company refuses to put me on their DO NOT CALL list and runs up my cell bill with marketing calls, or restrict the right of companies to use PayPal as a way to shut them down. What makes you special?

  26. If you are an indie artist trying to make money, just sell with prices people can afford (1 buck per song is still too much, how bout half?) and in formats people want (that’s MP3 for music, and maybe m4a or flac for audiophiles, complementary to MP3 which is what the 90 % wants). You can still make and sell CD’s if you want but you also have to sell MP3’s nowadays. Also, stay away from DRM like iTunes’ (Un)FairPlay or cloud stuff like Ultraviolet, which either plays on a limited number of devices, or requires a constant internet connection. Most people want MP3’s nowadays (because it plays everywhere), period. Letting the pirates win in convenience buy selling DRMed stuff (like songs infected with FairPlay that play only on iPods) instead of selling MP3s is just not good for business. Big record labels still push DRM because they have the higher goal of preventing transfers from CD to MP3 (which is a legal thing for the consumer to do btw) so they can sell the same content twice (one on CD, one on itunes). Indie labels have no reason to push DRM.

    PS: Very brave you to leave the comments open. I admire that. Unfortunately the retard army showed up again.

  27. “There’s no ethics. There’s no noble cause.”
    The former is dealt with by the copyright laws we all abide by, and those apply as much to Mega as they do to any other site in the Western world. The noble cause is the free exchange of data. Yes, some people will abuse it, just as some people distributed snuff movies and illegal pornography via VHS. “Substantial non-infringing uses” is the term and despite what the owner of this site may think, Mega fits this very clearly.

    There is no quicker way to lose credibility in an argument than by resorting to the term “sheeple”.

  28. Piracy is not a crime. And anti-piracy people are bribed by f*cking music corporations and other RIAA/MPAA shit.

  29. Dork Cloud says:

    So the owner of this site has NO pirated content on their hard drive or ever downloaded anything. Give me a F’ing break. Go shove that brown nose up hollywoods ass and the Riaa some more. Government is not even ran by those in power the corporations use senators as puppets for their dirty work.

    Is some old blu ray that cost pennies worth $28 not likely. That movie made it’s money already from the screenings. You don’t need to fleece customers and fuck them up the ass more. I would gladly pay $5 more a blu ray or dvd. But hollywood is all about ripping people off. Same goes for the recording industry. Over paid lame artists that make more touring than the labels pay them. Only ones losing money is the labels. 80% of the crap released is not even worth $5 an album. Prime example Rhianna, Chris Brown etc. They suck and yet you want money like they are Kiss or something.

    Why not go after PAYPAL for fucking everyone for their triple dipping on FEES. But of course it’s legal. List an item on ebay pay, closing cost fees, pay, receive money to paypal more fees. Yet this is perfectly LEGAL. Receive money you guessed it MORE FEES!

    I bet there is no piracy on icloud either right? Open your eyes piracy will ALWAYS exist till companies make their products available for a reasonable cost and easily attainable!

    Find something better to do with your time.

  30. christophe says:

    Bla ,

    am appalled that you write, of course that there will always be piracy, but it should not be so easy to do and accessible to anyone.
    a copy for a friend and a copy posted on the internet is not the same thing.

    Thousands of people have lost their jobs in part because of piracy both in video and music without forgetting the press.

    imagine that your work or what you bought it for you or simply stolen and distributed to everyone in your eyes ..

    So rather than leave that kind of crap, think a little …

  31. Pirating is awesome fun for the whole family! Free Kim dotcom he’s a political prisoner!!

  32. same shit …….different day
    i recall when u could go and buy blank cd/dvd’s to make you own “backups” why dont you go after those companies then?
    just another US gov mouth piece trying to start another useless war they cant win…..war on drugs…..lost , war on terrorism … lost , now war on copyright pirates.. peace out

  33. Euker Voorn says:

    All those people here claiming piracy is cool; if anyone of you gets robbed or burgled you cry and phone the police. There is no difference in stealing digital or physical property. It’s the law and those laws were produced by democratic societies.

    So if you think piracy is great, don’t have the fucking courage to cry when someone steals your wallet, car or stereo.

    Also, a “content maffia” does not exist. People produce movies, music or porn and expect you to pay for it if you want to watch or listen to it. If you can’t afford paying for it because you’re a lazy stupid unemployed bum, then do not just think it’s ok to steal it. Because again, if tomorrow some unemployed loser burgles your house in order to buy some food, you will be upset and cry and you will phone the police.

    The fact that it’s so easy to download stolen content from Mega and other sites doesn’t justify it. There are countries in which you easily get away with rape and murder, still that doesn’t justify rape and murder.

    • Wow, just wow, it’s 2013 and there still people who can’t tell the difference between piracy and theft! Let me give a very small example: think of a situation in which some guy comes into your house, makes a “copy” of one of your music CDs without your permission and takes the copy with him while leaving the original where it was; what would happen if you call the cops and tell them this has happened? Yeah, you guessed it, the cops will laugh at you! This is why people only call the cops when something is “actually taken away” from them.

      • Wow, just wow, it’s 2012 and there are still people who cant tell the difference between piracy and copyright infringement. A pirate is a nasty cutthroat murderer who will in fact cut your throat and take your loot. Or they will keep you captive and demand ransom. They smuggle, and brew dangerous drugs with which they poison others.

        A copyright infringer in this context takes a file from a digital medium and create an unlicensed copy thereof. This new consumer pattern have not been properly addressed by anyone but pirates and in the case of computer games Steam.

        Not even pirates can compete with Steam, even if their listing price is zero, no money. Steam is converting pirates because Gabe got it nailed in first try by adopting the thought that pirates were costumers he had addressed wrongly.
        And only few would be beyond reach for whatever their reason and therefore irrelevant to him. Did his strategy pay off you reckon?

    • Stealing someones wallet is not the same as pirating music.

      you aren’t actually going and stealing CD from a store, you’re making a digital copy.

      You’re not actually taking it away from anyone, therefore it is not ‘theft’.

  34. Rick O'Shea says:

    “The noble cause is the free exchange of data”

    I smell bullshit and the same old tired pretend argument because the entire cyberlocker business model is based on affiliate programmes, premium subscriptions and advertising. It incites and rewards people for uploading the work of others in exchange for kick-backs. There is no discrimination between corporate or independent, in fact I’ve seen shareware posted in an attempt to garner downloads because downloads means money.

    That’s not free exchange of data…that’s exchange of data where everyone in the chain except the creator benefits. And no matter how hard you try and dress it up as something else, it IS unethical.

  35. Rick O'Shea says:

    “Piracy is not a crime. And anti-piracy people are bribed by f*cking music corporations and other RIAA/MPAA shit.”

    Spoken like a true conspiracy theory lunatic and Torrent Freak sycophant. You could have had extra brown nose points for using their much loved “MAFIAA” moniker though…better luck next time.

    In the meanwhile keep taking the meds

    • This is the best post of the thread. READ IT.

      I’m so tired of hearing words like “freedom”/”innovation” being used to defend these commercial piracy ecosystems. When you steal a video via Luckyshare, Luckyshare is cutting a check to “Dmitri” in the Ukraine for your download, or whoever uploaded it. These professional uploaders don’t give a fuck about freedom and innovation, they care about being paid. Don’t believe it? Look at wjunction, where all major filelockers pay BIG BUCKS to forum admins to be allowed to advertise themselves to pirates. Besides recruitment, the main reason for that forum’s existence is for professional uploaders to publicly wine about not getting paid quickly for their uploads. Look around there – no one is doing a damn thing for free.

  36. Well, what a interesting site :)
    I agree to the Modal change required for all those concerned.
    They need to change how they sell and how much for this is i think the only way to reduce the level of piracy. I hasten reduce as with all things if we can make it we can break it and that goes for piracy as well.
    I remember the whoo haa with double tape decks on a music centre.
    then the double vhs recorder. Piracy & copies has been around since ancient times
    and will also be there in the future no matter what people try and do to stop it there is always a way round.
    My strong advice is to reduce the cost give people the choice and people will buy.
    If you hold on to the past you will be buried with it.

  37. How bloody minded and backward thinking can you get ?
    I wonder why they receive such a lot of ridicule and hate mail with stunts like this.
    The more they do this sort of thing the more people will make a point of piracy

    Last week, when the world was watching crazy Russian meteorite videos on YouTube, Germans weren’t.

    As a result of an ongoing dispute between Google (YouTube’s parent company) and GEMA, the primary German performance rights organization, a number of Russian YouTube videos have been blocked from within Germany. The reason? These videos contain background music playing from a Russian car radio.

    • many youtube videos got audio removed because someone sung along lyrics in songs

  38. How can you possibly support company’s such as this ?
    Don’t throw stones in glass houses and then coming crying your window is broke.
    Perhaps you should be looking closer to home.

    Sony, the company who created Audio CDs which installed a rootkit on Windows computer to try to stop people copying music has pirated KDE artwork. The preferences-system.png icon from Oxygen is on their Choose your Vaio webpages (next to configure) but impressively is also on the UEFI firmware should you boot up into Assist mode. Nowhere on their website terms of use does it list the LGPL 3 licence it may be copied under (It does say “Any unauthorised use or copying of site content, or use of site content which breaches these Terms (or their spirit) may violate trade mark, copyright and other proprietary rights, and have civil and criminal consequences” although it also says “You must seek and obtain the written consent the operator of this site before creating any link to this site” so I don’t give that page any legal credit.) Should KDE e.V. and Nuno’s Oxygen friends start a new business model by sueing them for everything they’re worth?

  39. Woah, you’re such a no-lifer for spending that much time attacking a filehost and not those who abuse it. I have come accross hundreds of legal megaupload links that cannot be reached since it was shut down:
    -game mods
    -fractal parameters
    -high quality videos
    -custom software
    -you name it.
    The amount of legal use on that site was enormous. The efforts against illegal content by these sites is enormous.

    I recently downloaded fractal renders from mega: perfectly legal. I use it as an extra backup for my most important files, just in case.

    It’s a simple rule of the internet that no matter what you do, no matter how strict you are, if you allow people to use an online service there will ALWAYS be someone who abuses it. Similarly, would you forbid the use of knives in the kitchen because knives are used to kill people? Attack warez/pirate sites, not filehosts!!!

    • Megaupload staff actually had a directory of the pirate content and did nothing, so really they weren’t so innocent

      but I agree, file host sites aren’t the problem, it’s the user.

  40. The fact of the matter is, taking down a file “SHARING” website will do you no good. Limewire still exists, as well as p2p. Hard drives are getting larger and cheaper. It’s about 80 bucks for 2 tb.

    I read a comment above that stated “it shouldn’t be so easily accessed”. Everything is easily accessible. Lets think about this, when you had a radio back in the day, you had a cassette player, did you not ? On that cassette player there was a record button. In which you could record the songs you were hearing. You could then make multiple copies of that cassette tape.

    The fact of the matter is, I don’t need to go to a site to “pirate”. If i hear a song on the radio, i still have a cassette, they STILL sell them. Lets see, cassette tapes were invented in 1962. That was before I was born.

    Now the internet became widely available to the public in 1991, I owned a computer in 1994. So logic would say, piracy was happening WAY BEFORE the internet. You mean to tell me you’ve never recorded a video via a VHS tape, or recorded a cassette. Then shared it with one of your friends, or copied it ?

    This is my opinion, companies continue to place movies on cd’s and dvd’s knowing that the drm has already been broken. Yet they CONTINUE to place the material they want people to pay for on something that has already been CRACKED. If you placed 1,000 dollars in a vault every hour, knowing every tom, dick and harry knew the combination to your vault. If you’re money got stolen every hour, would you continue to place money in the vault ? I think you wouldn’t. THAT is the logic of these companies. Look at barnes and noble, they came out with proprietary software for books, they can do the same thing with movies. However a movie is digital media, they’d have to come out with a whole new device, with possibly a new operating system.

    Anyways the fact of the matter is they CAN stop it, they take the easy way out every time. Another for instance is businesses using faulty wireless encryption, it’s the easy way out.

    Honestly though, i would rather have someone steal a movie off of the INTERNET, than rob me in the street so he can go and buy that movie. Wouldn’t you ? Did you ever think about that ? Probably not. The fact of the matter is, pirating is just a glorified version of sharing. Last time i checked, sharing and theft were two different, COMPLETELY different things. I share a peanut butter sandwich with you, you steal my peanut butter sandwich. Two different things, correct ?

    So all in all one more point, i’d like to make. 10 kids save up 20 dollars, 2 dollars a piece. They all go out and buy a cd, knowing they cant all have the cd at the same time, they make 9 copies of this cd. Do you believe these 10 kids should be arrested ? What if they were your kids ? How about you give them each 20 dollars, so they can buy the same cd 10 times. I don’t think that you would think HONESTLY that it would be a good investment of money. That my friend, is your dumb logic.

    • Rick O'Shea says:

      There’s a certain irony in being lectured on what is theft by a thief but, again, like most people on here trying to justify piracy by whatever the excuse du jour is, you miss the point.

      FileLockers reward piracy by giving kick-backs to the uploader, so what you get is a chain of events where the FileLockerSite gets paid via ad revenue and premium account subscriptions, the uploader gets paid per download and also kickbacks from anyone he entices into setting up a premium account with the offending FileLocker site. Everyone in the chain except the original creator gets paid and that’s the entire point here.

      It’s entirely different to buying one CD and making copies for nine friends. It’s not even on the same page as a solitary peanut butter sandwich theft so wake up ffs!

      It’s worse than theft because everyone in the chain gets rewarded except the creator. Yet the creator takes the risk, pays the development costs, taxes etc and then puts up with ignorant asshats buy into and justify it just because it gives them ‘free stuff’

      Oh and even the pirates hate these low life too.

      • filelockers reward those who have a file downloaded because it brings traffic to their site and their advertizers

        not because it’s pirate content. pirates ABUSE it. but it’s not intended originally for a pirate.

        for example someone who makes a game, if it was popular they could make some money if many people downloaded.

        or someone like me, who write and sing a song!

        someone who makes a mod for a game, or writes a book, or so on… Many legitimate uses, yet people lump the LEGITIMATE, PEOPLE, with pirate.

        • Kiyomaru says:

          Exactly. That’s what I use them for, anyway. As an amateur composer, I rely solely on ad revenue from my YouTube videos, and revenue from traffic to sites that host my content.

          Demonize the user who abuses the service, not the service provider. That’s my philosophy, it’s always been.

      • Kiyomaru says:

        I AM a creator. Of my OWN content. I record, edit, and self-publish. And I rely on File Lockers like Mega to get my content out to people.

        The assumption in your comment irritates me beyond belief. To say that so many people who are legally using a service for its intended purpose are responsible for the actions of a select few?


  41. Whether or not Mega is used by SOME people to pirate movies or whatnot…

    They give you 5 GIGS of storage for FREE… And the best thing?


    You can’t possibly believe that this service does more harm than GOOD!

    You need to look past your GREED and see the potential Mega has to lift up people in developing countries.

  42. I visit this website to see if Mr. King has posted any screen shots to new content or file lockers. I don’t know what Mr. King is trying to accomplish, but it is counterproductive. Thanks again. I got Windows 8, an entire album of Nirvana, and Adobe Photoshop CS6…all for free thanks to Mr. King sharing all these wonderful new file locker sites and filelocker search engines :)

  43. If piracy is an option is because the entertainment industry isn’t doing their homework.
    For example: spanish movies that aren’t avaliable on Bluray in Spain are avaliable in other countries (for example Pan’s Labyrinth is avaliable in UK, Germany and Italy but not in Spain).
    Another example. Instead of releasing one version of Midnight in Paris with English+French+German+Italian+Spanish, they released one version per language (english + local language).

  44. In short.. industry digged their own grave… I agree that mainly piracy is service issue… provide better service (fast same time worldwide releases etc) and most ppl will switch to legal alternatives.

    Hardcore pirates will still be there, sure – no doubt about. Its a way of life.. sort of (not talking about those moneywhores @wj, but real passionate pirates who share for joy or just becouse they can do it super fast… using those multibackbones, f*ck yes. :)

    Believe or not, there is some beautiful warez sites out there without bullshit ads etc. You can find them even via google, but they wont turn in first results.. you need to know where to look.

  45. How can you argue your position?
    Piracy meets fraud, is now inventing evidence for there cause
    you should be ashamed in supporting such actions

    MPAA Executive Tampered With IFPI Evidence in Internet Piracy Case “During the trial it was revealed that evidence gathered by a local anti-piracy group and the IFPI was also handed to a “senior MPAA executive” who tampered with the evidence before handing it to the police.”

    torrent freak.

  46. #MusicLover says:

    Here’s the bottom line.

    People are going to do what they want to do, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them. The only person who can is God, and I’m pretty sure God’s not going to go around and start killing people because they wanted to download a song or a movie or a piece of software.

    Times are tough these days. The economy is failing and most jobs don’t pay a lot. Why should we pay ridiculous prices for music and media? Adobe wants $300 for fucking Photoshop. Really? Albums are 10 bucks apiece. Songs $1.29 apiece. Songs should be 50 cents per song and no more. Albums maybe 7 bucks, but not 10 – 14 dollars per album. I was looking at a Stevie Wonder compilation the other day. Almost $200. Now I am a big fan of Stevie and his music is worth a million dollars, but considering the fact that most of his music is on YouTube and has been played on the radio time and time again, why should I pay $189.99 (actual price) for those songs? Ridiculous! Think about it. On average, records are $1 apiece. If you buy 2,000 songs (which is very easy to do), that’s $2,000. Now, tell me, who has $2000 to spend on music? I sure as hell don’t. I need to think about rent, food, utilities, my family, and the like. The most I spend on music a month is maybe $150. That’s all I can afford, and most people can’t even afford that! Then, music has all these protections on it. DRM. Now THAT’S “the worst of the worst”. I should be able to listen to and download any song I want. Us Americans made these stars who they are today, and very few want to give back ans support the community. It isn’t fair. So, yeah, I download pirated content almost EVERY DAY. I have 20,000+ albums, songs, videos, apps, etc. You think I pay for all that? HELL NO. I work hard and pay my taxes, and I am a productive member of society, so why should I pay for music? Why?

    Believe me, if I go to hell for any reason (which I won’t), then it won’t be for that.

  47. fools, the entire world’s economies are affected by piracy. Motion pictures was the largest U.S. export for the past 60 years. Ancillary rights provided revenues for every country. Movie production employed thousands and helped fund communities worldwide when on location.
    IF YOU’RE broke idiots, it’s because there are no jobs. There are no jobs because the File guys are hijacking your livelihood. Downloading from file lockers just puts money in foreign pockets that pay for nothing. No different then stealing your car, except a film costs 100,000 times what your car did.

    America sold industries to other countries because it was flourishing with MOVIES, MUSIC, SOFTWARE, GAMES, and yes PORN….. that employed millions, and filtered down to millions more. FOOLS don’t get it….

    The guy who rented the Porta Potties for the Location shoot is out of biz.
    The caterers are out of biz.
    The record companies are out of biz.
    The cleaning crew is unemployed
    The company who made CD cases is closed
    Paper mills are shut down, Ink salesman on welfare.
    Ad agencies closed, photographers, printers, publishers, all history.

    That’s why you’re broke