MegaShare: On our watch list for Piracy

MegaShare advertises itself as a file locker operating since 2004. In that time they have allowed the distribution of copyright content while rewarding uploaders and affiliates with generous commissions.

We have found examples of stolen porn content and pirate software residing on their site. They encourage new affiliates and uploaders by advertising on money making forums.


Read on to find out about this company’s operation.

MegaShare offers premium memberships for sale using Paypal payment processing. They provide several scales of membership. Basically you can buy a premium membership using Paypal and then download all the pirate software, music, movies and pornography you want.


In order to entice uploaders and affiliates, Megashare offers rewards depending upon how many downloads your file gets and how many premium memberships you refer. So if you upload the latest XBox game, you could make a fair amount of money and Megashare will profit handsomely. Megashare provides uploaders an incentive to upload copyright content.


Doing a search we found examples of Megashare links which contained pornography, all copyright content being illegally shared.

If it’s software you’re after then Megashare has all the latest Adobe software pirated and ready for download.


We will be working with Paypal and other agencies to have Megashare’s ability to process payments suspended. We will also work to have this site shut down.


  1. enersonn says:

    Megashare closed their affiliate program !

    • Oh Really ? Why is “Styla” still posting about it on ? Don’t be fooled by thieves.

      megashare affiliate program

      As you can see, uploaders are still rewarded, “Styla” made that post in an official MegaShare thread today.

  2. Megashare do not support pirated things however they don’t have a machine (even no one else) that tells which file is copyrighted and which one is GPL or own to uploader
    if a victim finds and reports a file which is not authorized to upload they remove within 3 to 5 minutes even without investigating with original uploader
    i have worked for them as an affiliate manager in past

    • If MegaShare do indeed remove all illegal and copyright material then why is it so easy to find so much of it ?

      If MegaShare or any other company want a right of reply then they are free to send us one, however the evidence on the web makes it look like there are considerable amounts of copyright material being shared from their service.

      File sharing services with affiliate programs encourage users to upload popular copyright content so they make as much as possible from premium memberships and downloads. This is a large part of the problem.

      I don’t see Dropbox posting in countless money making forums begging for uploaders. So that is the difference between a legitimate file locker and an illegal file locker site.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You guys are just looking on one side. What about the other side? Forget porn, forget software or movies but what about the material which benefits the needy who just don’t have enough money to buy. Example study material or textbooks. Don’t such people have a right to study? Should we just kick on their ass and say get out if you don’t have money.. This is just ridiculous.. What’s the point of having of such laws which cannot help poor. and don’t give an excuse of those crap public libraries for poor who actually doesn’t have anything useful to give.

    I completely offend this, not just for MegaShare but also for other file hosts which many people are using not just for money but for helping others.

    Its my due request that you guys should also look on the other side of the world.

    • Nobody has the right to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, for any reason.

      If you need to study, then you should buy your text books like almost every other student in the world needs to.

      The people who write books have a right to be paid for each copy, just because you can’t afford something doesn’t give you a right to steal it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Exactly the same answer that I expected.

    I knew you guys won’t understand this and almost no one like you guys would ever ever understand this. Its pretty sad that we are living in such a world where people just look and live for themselves and not others. Its a shame. Big shame.

    Anyways best of luck. This war will never ever end because there are still some people left who live for others and not for themselves.

    Thank you

    • Good on you Anonymous!
      It would be decent from you “stopfilelockers” to see beyond the few coins that for sure some of the big companies that are so concerned about their “rights” are throwing at you to be THEIR watchdogs. Well: WE are the public, we are the many and it is OUR rights what we need to protect!

    • Why is any movie in the world necessary for the poor? It is not even necessary for the rich. We could be successful and happy people our whole life without ever watching a movie or TV. And we have come to the point in our society that you deserve to get something when you haven’t worked for it….very wrong thinking…glad I wasn’t raised that way.

  5. “If MegaShare or any other company want a right of reply then they are free to send us one,”

    You are new born baby i am not sure when you will get noticed by big guns anyway keep it up

    • Comments like this from a file locker representative help reassure us that we’re having an effect.

      We’ll be working tirelessly to shut down sites that continue to promote illegal file sharing.

  6. Megashare dont have affiliate program for new members anymore.
    Only old affiliate members can work with them.

  7. CamTata says:

    But you just don’t understand Editor, if he doesn’t have money then it is ok to steal – lol. Either Anonymous is a pimply faced 15 year old or a blithering idiot. I can’t afford to buy that (you name the item) so I guess I will just steal it; what a load of dung.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So CamTata, you mean people who don’t have enough money have no right to study huh? Those who want to study won’t steal if your fucking public libraries give something valuable to the poor and help him/her study.

  9. Dude, seriously.. get a life. Do you expect to get a sherrif badge or something because of this post on MegaShare?

  10. In regards to the debate about ‘learning/study’.
    Guys why did Photoshop become the number #1 selling photo editing software, and not coreldraw or paintshop pro etc … ?
    The reason is because of piracy … don’t you find it strange that every 12 year old knows how to use it despite it being a very expensive piece of software to buy?
    Of course when these kids become designers or work in companies etc they have to buy the legal version, and it has been via this means that Adobe has become such a dominant player.