More Sites have Payment Processing Terminated

The following sites have lost payment processing as of 20th January 2014. (Paypal Terminated/Blog Removed) (Paypal/Moneybookers terminated/Site Closed)

We’ll continue to monitor these sites for any attempt to continue processing payments and act to mitigate any further attempts by these sites to monetise piracy


  1. You make my left nut hurt

  2. Could you guys take down and as they are scam sites.
    Also filecash and sharecash and any other PPD site cheers guys.

  3. And Firecash. ()==[:::::::::::::> Destroy these lamers.

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you’re doing here on this website.

    Because of you guys, I’ve discovered so many new filelockers and many more ways to download illicit content! You have my gratitude for doing the piracy scene a great service.

    • fuqthegovt says:

      Agreed. My post earlier stated for every 1 shut down 2 take it’s place. I need to correct that say 3 take it’s place. Anti-piracy morons like this website are helping more than hobbling them. I found $1.50 bootlegs (8.5 gb dvd-r’s, exact copies of originals or pro done if no original exists) at several local flea markets. And they don’t even take things like paypal or credit cards, cash only (or sometimes barter). I’m sure the FBI was called at some point but with only 40k agents dealing with more important things like terrorism vs. millions of vendors by the time an agent showed up (if in fact they ever did) they were long gone. It simply makes no economic sense to spend $100B to attempt to preserve the outdated business model of a $20B industry.

  5. Thanks for the list, it saves me time to search free filelockers for my files :)