More Sites Lose Payment Processing

The following sites have lost payment processing accounts since the 20th December.

We will continue to target infringing and illegal file lockers and sites within the file locker eco system and we will work towards the complete removal of all payment processing options for sites which support illegal file sharing.


  1. Einstein Movies says:

    Im surprised my sites was listed above
    actually I just share links on my sites LOL

    • Linking to copyright infringing content, unless for fair use, is also copyright infringing. That act is aggravated by the act of earning money from the downloads that result from people clicking those links, or advertising revenue earned by advertising on a site linking to copyright infringing material.

  2. There are legitimate people who use file sharing. I create original content! You’ve been taking food out of my mouth. What would a file locker have to do to be good enough for you to not instantly assume everyone who uses it is a criminal

  3. fuqthegovt says:

    F*ck you pr*cks. I’ll send them cash if I have to. Good luck getting abolishing paper money, even tho there’s dozens other more illegal things it’s used for I don’t see it going away anytime soon since oil is traded in it.

  4. fuqthegovt says:

    Good luck with that. I’ll pay in cash if I have to or trade with them in person (old school flea markets will simply make a comeback). Take down 1 and 2 more take it’s place. Piracy is certainly staying if sites like Backpage (order an escort like a pizza, even tho prostitution is illegal in most states) simply change web hosts or re-register a new LLC.

  5. fuqthegovt says:

    So hows the effort going on getting Piratebay shut down? /sarcasm. LOL. Some people love wasting time/effort I guess. If they can’t get rid of internet child porn even if they have a death sentence attached to it minor things like piracy is certainly going nowhere but up.

    • He’s not wasting any effort or time. He’s helping us downloader to find new site with lots of awesome materials. Don’t you get it ? *wink wink* :)

      About the CP, 90% of them is just made to make site takedown easier. You know, when a site didn’t comply to DMCA, some DMCA agents will deliberately inserted CP materials into site, hence they now have stronger cause to take it down.

  6. Thnx for doing this Not u piece of sh!T i am going to get my friend to booter/ddos ur ite to hell where it came from

    On some of these sites my friends just shre really old, rare, or legit sharez & it is people no a$$h0LES such as yourself that make it hard for legit or not so bad filehoster to stay in business so just do us all a favor and go to hell/close this awfull blog