MuchShare: Full of illegal downloads and copyright content

MuchShare doesn’t look like much of a site, but looks can be deceiving. This file locker hosts an enormous amount of copyright content and illegal pornography.

UPDATE:4th July 2012 MuchShare have had all payment processing terminated by Paypal. Their funds are frozen for 180 days and in that time they cannot withdraw or transfer funds. They will no longer be able to accept Paypal Payments.

MuchShare net Files and Videos Hosting Site
Much Share

This site is not well regarded in the file locker community because it does not pay all it’s affiliates. Who would have thought ? Thieves stealing from Thieves!

Read on for more evidence against Much Share.


Much Share offers premium accounts via Paypal, MoneyBookers and Alertpay. We believe this site makes a significant amount of money as they offer high definition full Hollywood movie downloads as well as other pirate content and illegal pornography. The screenshot above shows their premium account pricing.


To entice uploaders of copyright content they offer a payout structure which rewards uploaders for how many times their files are uploaded. The screenshot above shows their web based offer. However they also post to forums to entice more uploaders such as in the screenshot below.


Below is a screenshot showing a movie and tv show search site which specialises in providing illegal download links to Hollywood movies and TV Shows. We have blurred out the other sites as we do not wish to encourage even more piracy but we have highlighted the Much Share link.


We will be working with payment processors to cut off the supply of payment processing to this site, we will also be working with network providers to shut this site down.