is in liquidation.

Netload recently lost access to Paypal again and it now seems the company which owns Netload is now in liquidation.

Netload liquidation

It is possible this is the beginning of the end for Netload, or it could be that the owners will relocate ownership of the site to another jurisdiction.

While the company is in liquidation assets can be sold off and unsecured creditors, including uploaders may lose their money owed by the company.


  1. This sucks, I upload and upload all day.
    Now I cant feed my family.

    • tuff shit says:

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  3. The author once more does not seem to grasp the situation.

    Rapidpay, paysafecard, electronic cash (EC), text message, phone call, WebMoney.

    Plenty of ways to pay, and a _LONG_ reseller list.