Only Domains accepting payments for Kim Dotcom via Paypal

Only Domains are yet another company helping Kim Dotcom use Paypal to process payments for his new venture Mega.

Paypal have widely publicised guidelines when it comes to processing payments for file sharing services and we do not believe that Paypal will allow a situation to eventuate where companies can bypass those restrictions by reselling services to services which have not met with the approval of Paypal.

Below is a screenshot showing the Only Domains payment page for Mega.


Below is a screenshot of the Paypal payment page


We will be working to ensure that this thinly veiled payment processing arrangement is not allowed to continue.


  1. StopStopFileLockers says:

    Will you be as successful as in the Hotfile Case? They’re still using Paypal and you can just do NOTHING, you don’t have any power my friend.

  2. You want to terrorise a legitimate business before it even really started? You maybe should spend your time finding a women or friends instead of compensating your appearantly low self-esteem by pissing of other people that have ideas much bigger than you 😉

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  4. How sad are you? Really. I mean get a life and do something useful instead of making false claims with zero proof because someone is brighter than you and moves with the times. Welcome to the digital you dorks, now go back into hole you crawled out of.

  5. Middle ages here we come says:

    You f*cking retard. Do something useful with your life already.

  6. IronicSteve says:

    You know what is ironic?

    The “Mega” logo, “PayPal” logo, “Only Domains Limited” brand are all copyright automatically by their respective owners.

    This website has been reproducing them all multiple times. Thus breaking copyright law…


  7. get a life says:

    get a real job you whinger

  8. LOL this site is so funny I think the lawyers will be coming for you soon
    I hope you have a lot of money

  9. This blog seriously needs hacked

  10. G#0$Tof@@ron says:

    F*ck You Robert King, you Want a Cyberwar with us, no problem you son of a bitch!

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  11. You are doing more worse than good. Your only purpose seems to be to stop PayPal from accepting payments for these sites.

    If you want to target filelockers, do so with legal intentions, not through shit “claims” and “assumptions”.

    Btw…good luck.