A front for Mega Payments. Accepts Paypal

One other site accepting payments for Kim Dotcom’s new venture, Mega, is which appears to be nothing more than a front for the site.

UPDATE: 26th Jan 2013 – no longer accepts Paypal payments for Mega Memberships


Clicking a payment button takes you to a checkout page where you are able to pay via a credit card third party payment processor or via Paypal


Like all of the resellers for Mega, we will be working toward shutting down payment methods for Mega.


  1. incence(d) says:

    So how much are these companies paying you to raise such a stink like this?

  2. Wayne Carr says:

    What I find remarkable about AK is the fact he’s actually gotten things to happen with a budget that is a very small fraction of MPAA or RIAA.

  3. #Mega is now officially approved by Paypal. What’s King going to do now?