PigSonic: I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!

This little pig built his house from straw, so I huffed and I puffed and I blew his house down!

PigSonic was one of many illegal file lockers processing through Paypal. It offered generous incentives for people to upload copyright material. It also hosted music, movies, pirate software and pornography.


UPDATE: 6th July 2012 PigSonic have had their Paypal accounts terminated. All funds have been frozen for 180 days and in that time they cannot withdraw or transfer funds. They may no longer process any payments through Paypal.

UPDATE: 8th July 2012 PigSonic have switched to another Paypal account to bypass their previous termination by Paypal. They have also upgraded their affiliate/uploader offer to $140 per 1000 downloads! This is really going to have people uploading loads of copyright and illegal content hoping to profit.

Below is a PigSonic screenshot re-assuring people that everything will be ok with Paypal. It seems right now they are using another Paypal account to accept payments (as of 8th July 2012).


Read on for more about Pig Sonic

Like so many other illegal file lockers, PigSonic attracted uploaders of content with generous offers, like the one below from a popular forum.


UPDATE: 8th July 2012 PigSonic upgraded their affiliate/uploader offer to $140 per 1000 downloads! This is really going to have people uploading loads of copyright and illegal content hoping to profit.


It made money by selling premium memberships which allowed unrestricted and high speed downloads for users.


However now you can’t buy a membership because we have cut off their payment processing thanks to the hard work of Paypal.


Hopefully these guys will learn, crime and piracy doesn’t pay.


  1. optimist says:

    This is funny..you have started to think that Paypal is the only way to receive payments…yes, its one of the good ways BUT there are others like bitcoins, webmoney, moneybookers, Payza, google checkout, amazon checkout, PaySafeCard, Phone, SMS, E-Bank, Visa, Mastercard, DIRECT BANK TRANSFERS, THIRD PARTY PAYMENT METHODS…geez..there are so many of them…people are already moving away from Paypal because of them being your Biatch.
    Remember what happened to GoDaddy for supporting ridiculous SOPA/ACTA…they were boycotted so badly that they switched sides and started opposing stupid policies that your dumbsh*t mind could come up with.

    your battle may be righteous in your eyes but you are messing with freedom of millions of people and i am 100% it will come back to bite you big time – Go Anonymous!!!

    • We have contact with most of those payment processors that you mentioned.

      We can’t deal with Bitcoin but we do talk daily with Visa, Mastercard, 2CO, Payza, Moneybookers, Google, Amazon and third party payment processors.

      Our aim is to cut off every funding source we can find and we are very effective at doing so.

      • optimist says:

        I am just saying – if you want to fight things…try to fight fairly cause clearly you have no idea what is the business model of these cyberlockers. IF YOU ARE SO AGAINST pornography (child pornography)/beastiality..then HIRE some part timers and you also start reporting these contents to the sites (i say this cause you have received $2000+ in donations)…they have copyright/child pornography policies so they can remove that content in 1-2 days.

        I think Webmoney is already excluding USA business..so clearly you are out of touch from them and also many other third parties that are not supportive of being USA’s bit*h – am i right???
        AND someone has to be more smarter than you to get in a contract with a small bank in another country and get a deal with them about small fees/free on bank transfers/payments in return of some things 😉

        Even we have contacts with many multi-million/billion dollar businesses that run in many countries..ergo have contacts/favor with politicians in other countries.

        hahahahaa i am so gonna laugh about this in 3 months thats the timeline i give you cause i know of something that is gonna happen.

        • It’s up to file lockers to police their own content and remove it. If they receive a complaint then the content should be removed within 24 hours maximum, not up to two days like you suggest.

          If you run a file locker you should employ enough people to keep your site clean, if you don’t we will come after you.

          Sounds like a threat at the end of this message.

          Problem is, it’s not just one person any more, it is many and is now an organisation that has been set up with the employees and volunteers you suggest we have.

          This campaign will run with or without me, as we are many and we’re a steamroller heading in the direction of the pirates.

  2. optimist says:

    not a threat at all to you or your organization or whatever you are. Just a message so you don’t get so surprised about things that are gonna happen in the next 3 months.

    but do reply to the other messages posted above regarding webmoney..and other business payment method i mentioned above. And you hiring some part timers and reporting the files like that…there do u stand on that??

    P:S – Stop banning IP addresses – that shit is old and doesn’t work anymore…didn’t you learn anything from the thepiratebay failed blocking??? geez noobs lol

    • As was already said, we work with a whole range of payment processors and authorities in many countries. Don’t be so sure that Webmoney will keep working either as we have a strategy in place for that.

      As for banning your IP address, the only reason your IP would be banned was if you were part of a DDoS attack, which we manage quite well. So how naughty have you been then ?

      • optimist says:

        as i said before – your strategy ain’t gonna do shit against many many third party payment processors that are in other countries that don’t like to be anybody’s bitch…that reminds me..do answer this question (you have avoided this for the past 3 replies):

        F YOU ARE SO AGAINST pornography (child pornography)/beastiality..then HIRE some part timers and you also start reporting these contents to the sites (i say this cause you have received $2000+ in donations)…they have copyright/child pornography policies so they can remove that content in 1-2 days.

        P:S – Don’t give me the excuse of doing this later on cause we know when you have enough money from other users you will just run away. I say this cause you are saying you are in contact with so many organizations and yet you have no support from Hollywood companies..i mean they should have donated about million dollars to you by now! but noooo…i don’t see it nor am i gonna cause we all know the reason there.

        • It’s not up to us to identify content which is illegal, that’s the job of the site owner.

          If you have a file locker and there is plainly illegal material on it then you are liable. So the file lockers should be hiring extra staff to rid their services of illegal content. Why is it someone else’s job ?

          We have links to other industries also, so your theory on that one goes out the window.

          You don’t seem like an overly smart guy, can’t mount a DDoS attack, can’t put together a cohesive argument, can’t post here again because I think you’ve made your point.

          • optimist says:

            It is also your RESPONSIBILITY to identify contents! as you are preaching about morals here – start helping in identifying these contents and reporting them to the sites. You have received donations for that cause too!!

            Like i said…your so called “links” are going to be thrown out of the window as you are full of lies here. Anyone who is using their brains can clearly see through all your lies….your links, your contacts, your staff, volunteers…geez…all i see is you receiving donations and keeping it to yourself and not using it the way you can – hire atleast 2 part timers and you also start reporting these links…but NOOO why would you waste the money that you have received on things like these…you would better spend it on a barbecue/beer party and fool people here. What a bunch of hypocrites.

          • Seems our activities have upset you somewhat.

            It is the responsibility of site owners to look after the content on their sites just as it’s the responsibility of any merchant to ensure their product is safe.

            We’re happy to keep posting your comments as they provide hillarious reading over here

  3. CamTata says:

    The mental capacity of some is directly proportional to their station in life and the size of their equipment – IP thieves that view theft as freedom are so far removed from reality it mandates institutionalization. Nothing more than modern day fence.

    Freedom lol – I think you should put down that copy of Socialist Worker right now. Only a Marxist could to tie themselves in knots over the morality of property ownership.

  4. CamTata says:

    At some point, probably in the not too distant future, somebody will be just angry enough to make ‘fair use’ of a IP thief’s noggin – and do so in public as a warning to others so hellbent on stealing something they did not and could not produce themselves. When it occurs I will laugh my ass off.

    Maybe Vlad Tepes had it correct after all when he issued laws punishing thieves by traumatic penetration of their body with elongated wooden stakes to completely perforate their central mass.

  5. F*ck You

  6. Cool, this little pig went home and found his foundation build on illegal files.

    As for the treats I am reading in this posting, a barking dog does not bite. As soon the payments are deleted, a lot of people go back to where they came from, Mac Donalds!! And on a side note, most uploaders are not old enough to even get a job yet, so fuck them and their stupid comments.

    Anonymous is not promoting file share hosting with illegal terms, so do not even go there little wiener ( optimist ) . Using their name in this topic is sicking them right now, they are not backing up a crowd of minors using illegal terms to get their iPhone money and milk money!

    optimist, go back to school, i hear a bell ring, and you might be late again!

  7. lol – “It’s not up to us to identify content which is illegal”

    So you f*ck around with peoples money because? its obviously not because of illegal files because of that quote…

    I don’t use paypal anymore, because they are a slimy, two faced organisation. Just like stopfilelockers.com… I’ll happily direct debit my money into any companies account, even if i don’t get anything out of it, simply because you fucked with them.

    Have fun when all your time is wasted and nothing stops.