Yonzy. New file locker linked to

by Editor on September 1, 2014

Yonzy is a new file locker which launched just a few days ago. The file locker has announced it’s presence to the pirates and thieves on WJunction.

Yonzy wjunction offer

Like most file lockers we have investigated, Yonzy offers paid rewards to uploaders of content. They pay uploaders a commission upon a signup to the file locker and also pay up to $13.00 per 1000 downloads that a file receives.

What we have found is that the image hosting site now redirects to

Yonzy links

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Wjunction, for those not familiar with it, is a melting pot of illegality and unlawful activity. Originally called WarezJunction it is now home to pirates, thieves, dubious hosting companies, file hosts, file lockers, streaming sites, child pornographers, pedlars of bestiality and extreme porn and copyright infringement.

In recent days, after Keep2Share lost the ability to process credit cards, astounding claims were made against this blog and our campaign to fight the illegal sharing of content on file lockers.

We have posted a screen shot below in case the original post is deleted.


Such is the utter desperation of these criminal file sharing sites, that when they run a service that allows anybody to upload anything in exchange for affiliate payments, they become surprised when they are shut down

However there is a very dark side to WJunction that we are going to reveal in this post, true criminality taking place by ‘respected’ and long time members of the WJunction community.

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Keep2Share – Full of Pirate Software

by Editor on August 26, 2014

We have been working hard to place restrictions on the operation of Keep2Share recently and with good reason.

A close look at Keep2Share will show that this site has a deliberate and criminal intent to distribute as much pirated content as possible, while making money from the memberships it sells.

Keep2Share operates several domains including, and It prefers the use of the .cc ccTLD because it is worried about interference with it’s .com by US authorities. Why would a legitimate site fear using a .com ? In any case the point is moot because as Keep2Share will soon find, having a .cc domain places it in the jurisdiction of Australia as .cc is the ccTLD of the Cocos Keeling Islands which is an Australian territory.

The amount of pirate software available on Keep2Share is staggering, thousands of titles are made available on the site in various versions and for different operating systems.

The whole range of Autodesk software is available on Keep2Share. Autodesk are very active in stamping out piracy of their products and regularly take action against pirates.




Apple Final Cut Pro is available in it’s latest version on Keep2Share.


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Upstore – Pirated TV Shows and Movies

by Editor on August 19, 2014

Upstore is one of the worst file lockers when it comes to unchecked TV and Movie piracy. It also hosts copious amounts of pornography including illegal content.

We have terminated payment processing for Upstore in the past however they continue to process Mastercard and Visa cards for memberships.


There are thousands of movies and tv show titles being pirated and distributed by Upstore, yet despot this they are still able to openly process credit cards to sell this pirated content.

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It’s been a busy weekend but Xerver has announced that is abandoning the take over of FileOM.

There are several reasons for this, firstly Xerver lost access to some of it’s payment processing after payment processors were notified that Xerver would be processing payments for FileOM, which had lost all ability to process credit cards

Secondly, Xerver painted a giant target on it’s service by taking over a file locker as bad as FileOM was. They immediately escalated our attention and we focussed on them as a high priority – therefore the end is also imminent for Xerver


Last of all, Xerver faces new problems. Since we increased our indexing of Xerver we have found a significant amount of content that caused FileOM to lose it’s payment processing in the first place – therefore Xerver can expect great difficulty going forward when it comes to maintaining existing payment processing and acquiring new payment processing services.

All this has happened over the weekend, on Monday we will be putting in place a course of action with the sole aim of shutting down FileOM for good and taking Xerver with it.


FIleOM out of business – Xerver takes over

by Editor on August 15, 2014

After losing access to all forms of credit card payment processing, FileOM have gone broke. Some reports are that more than $150,000 is owed to affiliates.

FileOM  Easy way to share your files

However that is not the end for FileOM as it has been taken over by At this stage it is unclear if Xerver will transfer all files across to Xerver or keep FileOM running as it is. What is clear is that Xerver have merged all affiliates to their platform.


We have already targeted FileOM and will now target Xerver in the same way.

Initially Xerver was a lower priority site for us, however with the acquisition of FileOM we have decided to give this site top priority and we will be working to shut down all forms of credit card processing for Xerver as quickly as possible.


As we further pursue pirates, we have continued to target piracy sites accepting donations.

Many pirates seek to offset server and web hosting costs by accepting donations using Paypal, Moneybookers, Payza and other methods. However using our sophisticated web crawling and detection methods we are making this much harder for the pirates.

Below is a list of sites which have lost the ability to receive donations using various methods.

We will continue to monitor these sites and work to remove payment processing from any which choose to re-instate accounts or attempt to create new accounts