Keep2Share, FileBoom & MoneyPlatform Network Details

This post will look closely at the network of sites that engage in extensive piracy and the sharing of illegal content. This network is comprised of (also known as, (also known as and

Keep2Share and FileBoom are file lockers. Users are paid based on the number of downloads their uploads receive. This is a huge incentive to upload copyright infringing and illegal content. The affiliate program for both sites is run through a website called

Keep2Share cc

FileBoom me

Moneyplatform biz

The Network

These three sites are easily tied together using analysis of the network infrastructure they use. We have been able to identify network relationships between the sites and their various hosts and servers. [Read more…] UploadTo.Us Television Piracy

We have explored the rampant piracy on UltraMegaBit, which has now changed identity to UploadTo.Us, several times on this blog. We have detailed the criminal exploits of Rudy Corella, the loss of merchant accounts and the change of name of the site.


One thing that remains constant is the uncontrolled piracy that takes place on this site. Happy to receive traffic from dozens of piracy forums and blogs, UltraMegaBit / profits from the theft of content.

In this blog entry we explore how UploadTo.Us is now processing credit card payments again and how the site shares copyright television shows to paying members. You can get access to as much pirated content as you want with your Visa or Mastercard.

Television Piracy / UploadTo.Us is a hub for unmitigated television piracy. No sooner are DMCA notices issued to take down content, the content is re-uploaded and available again. The owners of this site are not being held accountable for this disregard of content rights holders.

Two and a Half Men


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FileOM: Offline and unlikely to return

From early July we began to target FileOM and it’s payment processing arrangements. We explored the site’s piracy of more than a million webcam videos – with over 18,000 videos shared from just one site – and then once the site lost it’s credit card processing in August we wrote about the failed attempt by Xerver to buy the site.

Now more than a month since all forms of payment processing were terminated the site is offline. FileOM may be simply restructuring under new hosting arrangements but we currently believe that they have failed to pay their hosting fees. Currently all servers used by the site are unreachable.

FileOM  Easy way to share your files

Time will tell if FileOM is able to be recovered, however forums and blogs are already removing links to files on the site.

Yonzy: All Payment Processing Terminated

Recently we discussed a new file locker called Yonzy. This site hosted copyright infringing content and was owned by IMGAH.COM owner Jesse Grandbois.

The site now has no forms of payment processing as both Payza and Skrill have intervened to close this merchant’s accounts.

Moneybookers com

Screen Shot 2014 09 09 at 6 01 15 am

We’ll keep a close eye on this site and act quickly if new payment processing methods are added.

FileInz – A File Locker in Trouble came into being during the middle of this year. It’s one of dozens of file lockers who promote their service to pirates on the home of piracy webmasters and thieves, WJunction.

Fileinz  The best way to share your files

Like most file lockers, FileInz pays uploaders based on the number of downloads they receive.

Fileinz  The best way to share your files

Since launching there has been an exponential growth in the number of links to FileInz from piracy source domains, such as piracy forums, blogs, link lists, link dumps and file search engines.

Rapid Growth in Piracy

Fileinz growth

The above chart shows the growth in the number of piracy links and linking piracy domains based on the posts placed on those linking domains by pirates.

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