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Yonzy. New file locker linked to

by Editor on September 1, 2014

Yonzy is a new file locker which launched just a few days ago. The file locker has announced it’s presence to the pirates and thieves on WJunction.

Yonzy wjunction offer

Like most file lockers we have investigated, Yonzy offers paid rewards to uploaders of content. They pay uploaders a commission upon a signup to the file locker and also pay up to $13.00 per 1000 downloads that a file receives.

What we have found is that the image hosting site now redirects to

Yonzy links

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OBoom is still selling a virtual mountain of extreme and sick pornography from it’s website. There is an endless supply of bestiality content made available.

Just yesterday we posted about the huge amount of extreme and potentially illegal content available on OBoom. Since then nothing has changed. In fact we’re finding more of it.

OBOOM com  keep your moments on file

OBoom is a site which needs to be shut down, it’s obviously out of control with huge amounts of extreme and potentially illegal content present on the site. There are no controls in place, anyone can upload anything and they get paid to do so. OBoom pays it’s uploaders as much as 60 Euros per 1000 download or 95% of each sale their download generates.

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Many file lockers that lose, or risk losing direct payment processing turn to resellers in order to bypass restrictions placed on their direct payment processing.

One such site is VIP-KEYS.COM which is processing payments for dozens of file lockers, many of which have lost direct payment processing methods.

Premium Accounts

Time is running out for resellers as we refine our understanding of their business processes and seek to mitigate their ability to process payments.

VIP-KEYS.COM use a Russian bank to process Visa and Mastercard and it’s is likely that either an arrangement has been made with that bank or that the bank is unaware of the true nature of the business it is processing credit cards for.

We are working through the vast networks of resellers and slowly knocking them out as options for sites like FileOM which lost all of it’s direct payment processing two weeks ago.


FileOM: Full of Pirated Webcam Videos

by Editor on July 7, 2014

There are many sites dedicated to providing live webcam shows to men who pay to watch women perform certain sexual acts, or even just chat online.

These cam performers often work on sites which geoblock their own countries and work using aliases so that their true identity is kept as private as possible.

There is a great demand for copies of videos of these performances and many cam sites sell these to their customers, however like everything else in demand, the pirate file lockers cash in on this popularity and make tens of thousands of cam performance videos available, usually in exchange for a paid membership

One serious offender in this space is, a problematic file locker which we would consider one of our highest priority targets.

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Rudy Corella, recently fined by the State of Washington for misleading and deceptive practices, is still at it.

He continues to profit from copyright infringing content, selling access to pirated porn from his UltraMegaBit file locker service.

Obviously his credit card processing falls into the high risk category, so we’ll be doing what we can to bring this issue to the attention of his bank and his credit card processor and acquirer.


We’ve detected thousands of instances of copyright infringing pornographic material being distributed on UltraMegaBit.

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Two Years of the Stop File Lockers Project

by Editor on June 28, 2014

Today marks two years since this project began.

In that time we have shut down more one or more forms of payment processing for more than 1400 sites. We have shut down the payment processing for 734 file lockers and we have seen more than 700 blogs, forums and file lockers killed completely either because they could not fund their site any longer or they grew tired of the relentless pressure we put on them.

When we began we had identified around 1500 file lockers big and small and now that number has dwindled to 697.

Our biggest challenge to date has been bringing down the big file lockers – however while they are not down yet we have impacted their payment processing on numerous occasions.

Our challenge now is to take the fight right up to the largest file lockers to deprive them of access to credit card processing.

Sites like File Factory, Netload, Rapidgator, Keep2Share, Uploaded, Mega, UltraMegaBit and many more are in our sights and we intend to cut off every single monetisation method they use.

This is not a sprint but a marathon and we will pursue this project until it reaches it’s natural conclusion.


More Sites have Payment Processing Terminated

by Editor on January 20, 2014

The following sites have lost payment processing as of 20th January 2014. (Paypal Terminated/Blog Removed) (Paypal/Moneybookers terminated/Site Closed)

We’ll continue to monitor these sites for any attempt to continue processing payments and act to mitigate any further attempts by these sites to monetise piracy