OBoom: Merchant Accounts Closed

OBoom.com is a file locker which we have detailed in this blog as hosting illegal pornography. However OBoom also hosts large amounts of copyright infringing mainstream content such as Television Programs, Software and Movies.

OBOOM com  keep your moments on file

This week OBoom was finally deprived of credit card processing. The only payment options left are Paysafe Card, Bitcoin, Webmoney or Vorkasse which are not used by the majority of people who visit the site.

OBOOM com  keep your moments on file

As we have seen with other file lockers who have their merchant accounts closed, the site will soon run into financial difficulty as sales plummet, uploaders stop getting paid on time and server fees are not met. It costs a lot of money to host as much illegal and infringing content as OBoom, so without the convenience of credit card payments or popular payment processing options such as Paypal, the site will soon face severe problems.

Update: 13th September 2014: Oboom added reseller Premium Issuer in order to accept credit cards, however now Premium Issuer are unable to process credit card payments.

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FileOM: Offline and unlikely to return

From early July we began to target FileOM and it’s payment processing arrangements. We explored the site’s piracy of more than a million webcam videos – with over 18,000 videos shared from just one site – and then once the site lost it’s credit card processing in August we wrote about the failed attempt by Xerver to buy the site.

Now more than a month since all forms of payment processing were terminated the site is offline. FileOM may be simply restructuring under new hosting arrangements but we currently believe that they have failed to pay their hosting fees. Currently all servers used by the site are unreachable.

FileOM  Easy way to share your files

Time will tell if FileOM is able to be recovered, however forums and blogs are already removing links to files on the site.

FileInz – A File Locker in Trouble

FileInz.com came into being during the middle of this year. It’s one of dozens of file lockers who promote their service to pirates on the home of piracy webmasters and thieves, WJunction.

Fileinz  The best way to share your files

Like most file lockers, FileInz pays uploaders based on the number of downloads they receive.

Fileinz  The best way to share your files

Since launching there has been an exponential growth in the number of links to FileInz from piracy source domains, such as piracy forums, blogs, link lists, link dumps and file search engines.

Rapid Growth in Piracy

Fileinz growth

The above chart shows the growth in the number of piracy links and linking piracy domains based on the posts placed on those linking domains by pirates.

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Yonzy. New file locker linked to Imgah.com

Yonzy is a new file locker which launched just a few days ago. The file locker has announced it’s presence to the pirates and thieves on WJunction.

Yonzy wjunction offer

Like most file lockers we have investigated, Yonzy offers paid rewards to uploaders of content. They pay uploaders a commission upon a signup to the file locker and also pay up to $13.00 per 1000 downloads that a file receives.

What we have found is that the image hosting site Imgah.com now redirects to Yonzy.com

Yonzy links

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Resellers: Providing Access to Illegal File Lockers

Many file lockers that lose, or risk losing direct payment processing turn to resellers in order to bypass restrictions placed on their direct payment processing.

One such site is VIP-KEYS.COM which is processing payments for dozens of file lockers, many of which have lost direct payment processing methods.

Premium Accounts

Time is running out for resellers as we refine our understanding of their business processes and seek to mitigate their ability to process payments.

VIP-KEYS.COM use a Russian bank to process Visa and Mastercard and it’s is likely that either an arrangement has been made with that bank or that the bank is unaware of the true nature of the business it is processing credit cards for.

We are working through the vast networks of resellers and slowly knocking them out as options for sites like FileOM which lost all of it’s direct payment processing two weeks ago.

Oboom.com: A File Locker that sells Bestiality and worse

OBoom.com is a relatively new file locker, however it has been heavily promoted on the haven of crime and piracy, WJunction.

We have been looking closely at OBoom and the picture we see is ugly in the extreme. Apart from the rampant piracy on this file locker, which we will deal with in a separate post, there is a large amount of extreme and illegal pornography being sold to members of OBoom.com

In our previous post we talked about one WJunction member, lawina, who is sharing extreme and violent pornography including bestiality on OBoom.

However it is fact that this one member is not responsible for all of the illegal content made available on OBoom.com. In fact OBoom.com have been selling a large amount of repulsive and illegal pornography for quite some time, many uploaders are responsible for placing the content on the site and they do so with a profit motive. Nobody profits more that OBoom, which through it’s slick and flashy website attempts to portray an aire of credibility when in fact it’s a cesspool of illegal content, piracy and sick perverted pornography.

This is Oboom


Behind the glossy front page sits a file locker with some of the worst examples of illegal content that we have found. There is suspected child pornography, there is bestiality and there is violent pornography with themes such as rape.

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Keep2Share – Full of Pirate Software

We have been working hard to place restrictions on the operation of Keep2Share recently and with good reason.

A close look at Keep2Share will show that this site has a deliberate and criminal intent to distribute as much pirated content as possible, while making money from the memberships it sells.

Keep2Share operates several domains including Keep2Share.com, Keep2Share.cc and K2S.cc. It prefers the use of the .cc ccTLD because it is worried about interference with it’s .com by US authorities. Why would a legitimate site fear using a .com ? In any case the point is moot because as Keep2Share will soon find, having a .cc domain places it in the jurisdiction of Australia as .cc is the ccTLD of the Cocos Keeling Islands which is an Australian territory.

The amount of pirate software available on Keep2Share is staggering, thousands of titles are made available on the site in various versions and for different operating systems.

The whole range of Autodesk software is available on Keep2Share. Autodesk are very active in stamping out piracy of their products and regularly take action against pirates.




Apple Final Cut Pro is available in it’s latest version on Keep2Share.


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