Uploaded. One year on and nothing has changed.

by Editor on November 1, 2013

It’s been over a year since we published information about Uploaded, however in that year we have been quietly working to make things more difficult for this notorious cyberlocker.

Uploaded is loaded with copyright infringing content. It’s whole business model is based on the premise that there will be more uploads of copyright infringing content than DMCA notices issued to remove that content. It’s a giant game of risk and Uploaded do not care about limiting copyright infringement, they only need to make sure that as much content remains online as possible.

Uploaded1 use the company Cyando AG at Hauptstrasse 24, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland as their front of operations. Protected by a shielding corporate structure they continue to operate with complete disregard of all laws pertaining to intellectual property. also distributes child exploitation content and bestiality content from it’s servers and seems to do very little to combat it. Most observers looking at Uploaded’s website would make the assumption that this is a reputable provider of cloud services, however the truth is they simply pay uploaders to upload copyright infringing content.

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OTEUpload is a file locker which carries some of the worst examples we have seen of blatant piracy and child exploitation content. It has been operating since 2012. Since it opened we have been responsible for removing several payment processing arrangements from this site.


Just under a year ago we forced the removal of their payment processing through Avangate.

It seems this file locker has not learnt it’s lesson as piracy and child pornography proliferate on this site.

This week contacted us, wanting us to work with them.

From: John Adami [email protected]
Subject: Request


I am not sure if you ever recieved my previous message. I am the owner of OTE Network LLC, we have launched our first site in a stream of online services. We are happy to help you with whatever you need. If you are interested feel free to add me on skype or something else at OTE_Stephen and would like to have a chat with you or someone from your team. We have partnered ACIUF in the past and are willing to help with whatever you might find useful.

Thanks for your consideration.
John Adami

I’m not sure if John got the memo, however the only assistance we will provide to sites that purposely deal in piracy and child exploitation is to guide them to closure and bankruptcy, perhaps even prison.

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Hotfile terminated by Paypal.

by Editor on January 21, 2013

Today Paypal took action to terminate it’s relationship with Hotfile.

Hotfile is one of the largest sites on the Internet. A site which has attracted criticism from numerous anti-piracy groups, rights holder associations and rights holders. Having been embroiled in litigation over allegations it encouraged and facilitated copyright infringement it should have expected this day to come.


Unfortunately it is too often the case that where we find a blatant disregard of copyrights we also find a blatant disregard of human rights.

Recently a young woman was raped in the presence of her partner on a bus in India, a crime which took the life of an innocent victim. The case sent shockwaves around the world as it was noted for it’s savagery and ferociousness. At the same time as the world condemned the mistreatment of women, Hotfile was busy allowing people to share content purporting to depict rape, torture, incest and bestiality.

While the MPAA was taking Hotfile to task for breaches of copyright, we took a holistic view of the systemic problems with the Hotfile service. After substantial examination and research we came up with one simple conclusion. Hotfile is a haven for the sharing of copyright and illegal content.

Paypal took the appropriate action against Hotfile and we would encourage any other payment processor considering doing business with this site to think twice before allowing Hotfile to continue.

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{ 25 comments } lose Paypal. Resellers to follow.

by Editor on January 3, 2013

As a great start to the new year, lost their Paypal payment processing.

Crocko has been a high profile distributor of illegal and copyright infringing content and as a result, there was no other outcome possible than for the site to lose Paypal payment processing.

Crocko com

Now that we have successfully restricted the ability of Crocko to accept payments we will begin working on shutting down payment processing options at all resellers.

As time goes forward we will keep putting pressure on Crocko until such time as this illegitimate business fails.

{ 6 comments } is a bit too suspect for our liking. We did a bit of digging around into Bitshare and we came up with quite a bit of disturbing evidence., like many file locker sites offer members incentives to upload. This means they host quite a bit of popular content such as Hollywood Movies, TV Shows, Stolen Pornography, Pirate Software and even extreme Child Pornography.


In recent times they have been making statements for public consumption such as “we will ban uploaders of porn” or “we will ban uploaders of copyright files”. However these statements are simply obfuscating the fact that they reward uploaders of illicit content every day.

Read on a “bit” (ok sorry we’ll stop that now!) to see what we found out about BitShare

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MegaShare: On our watch list for Piracy

by Editor on July 1, 2012

MegaShare advertises itself as a file locker operating since 2004. In that time they have allowed the distribution of copyright content while rewarding uploaders and affiliates with generous commissions.

We have found examples of stolen porn content and pirate software residing on their site. They encourage new affiliates and uploaders by advertising on money making forums.


Read on to find out about this company’s operation.

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TenFiles tries to keep a low profile, they don’t openly advertise for affiliates yet they do pay commissions to people who upload files. This host is full of content that suggests that there is a considerable amount of illegal pornography uploaded on a regular basis.

It’s not easy to search for files through normal file search sites however links are openly traded on forums which cater to prolific downloaders.

TenfilesfrontpageTen Files


Read on for more details about

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