UltraMegaBit – The New Pirate Cove

UltraMegaBit has been under active investigation by the Stop File Lockers project for some time. Up until now we have not said much regarding what we know about this site. However we have been quietly amassing evidence of systemic commercial copyright infringement.

UltraMegaBit has promoted itself as a file locker service that cannot be touched by those of us who are working to mitigate commercial piracy, however this hasn’t proved to be true as UltraMegaBit had their Paypal account terminated just a day ago.


We have information which suggests that UltraMegaBit are not being entirely honest about their affiliations, however we’ll play along for a while, it will all become clear as our investigations progress. The fact is that having a merchant account is not the key to immunity that UltraMegaBit would have their up loaders believe. All merchants in the Visa and Mastercard payments systems have to comply with their acquiring bank contract. UltraMegaBit should read these contracts carefully, or perhaps they already know their responsibilities and just choose to ignore them.

Read on for more about UltraMegaBit.com

UltraMegaBit, like most file locker services we have investigated, have an affiliate program which rewards up loaders for uploads of copyright infringing content based on the number of downloads that content receives. They have posted on popular forums to gain up loaders of content which is a necessary pre-requisite to then make money from offering premium memberships to people wanting to download the same content.


The first and fatal mistake of most file lockers we deal with is providing unchecked incentives to people who would upload infringing content, especially when those incentives are advertised on a forum like WJunction. This mistake will become clear to the owners of UltraMegaBit over time, however we are not quite at that stage yet.

Once UltraMegaBit put in place it’s rewards scheme for up loaders it received a sudden influx of affiliates who were only too happy to fill UltraMegaBit’s servers with many gigabytes of infringing content.

Let us explore the extent of copyright infringement that has evolved since UltraMegaBit opened it’s doors. Below are a handful of links and screenshots from folders residing on UltraMegaBit’s servers.







UltraMegaBit generates links from file names as per the examples below.

Thats_My_Boy_720p.part3.rar http://ultramegabit.com/file/details/bi02WZCexfM
Thats_My_Boy_720p.part2.rar http://ultramegabit.com/file/details/_ulRa2RVRac
Thats_My_Boy_720p.part5.rar http://ultramegabit.com/file/details/3kf6tl62A0w
Thats_My_Boy_720p.part1.rar http://ultramegabit.com/file/details/harL2RuRgTU
Thats_My_Boy_720p.part4.rar http://ultramegabit.com/file/details/zBxctYz53Uo

Clicking on a link takes you to a download page where you are offered the chance to buy a premium membership, which will let you download all the copyright infringing content you can within the plan limits.


UltraMegaBit has been a work in progress over recent weeks, there have been several bugs which programmers working on the site have been working through. As it turns out with every imperfect piece of software that has been rushed to market, the danger exists that you might unwittingly leave the back door open. We’ll have more to say about UltraMegaBit as we progress with our investigations.


  1. You probably will not post this, since it is your blog, and you only like to post things that make you look good, but, why is it that you are accepting considerably large donations from the company manwin? Who runs the largest adult tube sites on the internet? And who are filled with infringing content of hardworking content creators? Please explain.

    • It’s already on the public record that Manwin is amongst the companies who have contributed to this campaign.

  2. seems like a conflict of interest to me?

  3. TheObserver says:

    “Manwin is an adult entertainment IT company headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in many countries. The company operates a wide variety of services, predominantly highly trafficked adult video sharing websites including YouPorn and PornHub.”

    Sites like YouPorn and PornHub are the ones that are the most damaging to the adult industry. Now I understand what this is all about!

  4. I’ll post this again since you’ve deleted it again.


    As for our contracts with visa and mastercard, and our acquiring bank, we are complying fully with them all.


    So, my question is, what is the price that you charge to ignore a company? As you seem to have done for manwin?

    • We’re deleting your self serving drivel because it adds nothing to the discussion. If you must post all this go over to GFY (krylon) and knock yourself out.

      Don’t be so smug about Visa and Mastercard, however it’s your smug demeanour that will be your site’s undoing.

      As for contributions, every contribution to our project is no strings attached, we are not beholden to any special interest group, company or person.

      • Who is being smug about visa and mastercard? We are complying with all the rules setforth by visa and mastercard, our issuing bank, and our merchant gateways.

  5. Le Mexican says:

    We can all dream…

  6. What is this site doing wrong exactly? If they are complying with all DMCA’s notices and they are not engaging themselves in piracy then they are 100% legal. Youporn, youjizz, pornhub, xvideos and many others tube sites have orders of magnitude more copyrighted material than ultramegabit will ever have, why don’t you go after them?

    • None of the tubes has more content than ultramegabit freetard. None of the tubes has it in the original quality. None of the tubes features full site rips and fresh member area updates posted within hours of the original update. And none of the tubes has cracked Photoshop – while Moogie does have all of that and beyond.

      Pretty much all of the big tubes use digital fingerprinting to prevent infringement. None of them openly recruits uploaders at wJunction. None of them is paying uploaders for views. That’s why they’re not priority goals.

      And also read the name of the site where you’re posting your nonsense freetard, just read it once again – it is called stopFILELOCKERS. There’s just too damn many of them parasites around to go after all of them at once. Priorities need to be observed. If Robert chooses to go after the file lockers first, so be it – it’s his choice and none of your goddamn business freetard.

  7. hahaha seems like moogie is going down… hahahaha

    bye bye moogie bye bye

  8. @Camelot

    Interesting read. But with such an expansion of sites providing copyright material
    including the finger from Megaupload I would imagine your search for justice may
    take you the rest of your life.

    Also must be frustrating as I can see an intelligent view tainted by the use of
    poor language and name calling (e.g. freetard).

    Good luck to you and your endeavor to rid the would of evil.

  9. I create an account on ultramegabit, I use it one day then not anymore.
    I’m trying since then to delete my account (of course it has automatic rebilling every 30 days) but I can’t find a simple delete account button in whole website?
    …and of course I’ve contacted every address in the support/contact list in the website, but nobody is taking care of it. I sent 4-5 email not by the website as well at [email protected] but NOBODY answered…
    If they don’t I’ll have to go to the bank blocking my credit card… anybody here knows how to stop this fraud?? Thanks.

  10. now email are more than 10, but nobody answered to me yet…
    I can’t shut down my freaking account…unbelievable…