Voucher Reseller accepting payments for Kim Dotcom via Paypal and Credit Cards.

Voucher Reseller is processing payments for Kim Dotcom’s new Mega operation using most credit cards and Paypal as payment methods.

UPDATE: 26th Jan 2013 – Voucher Reseller no longer accepts Paypal payments for Mega Memberships

Voucher reseller mega

At the bottom of the sales page is the following statement:

You hold the keys to what you store in the cloud.

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.” Article 12 Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Secure Online Collaboration

Share encrypted folders with coworkers or business partners and exchange confidential documents with transparent end-to-end encryption.

Powerful File Manager

View and manage your files in your web browser, with integrated accelerated batch up – and downloading.”

We think that rights holders have the right to be safe from unlawful copyright infringement and that this reseller arrangement will probably not last very long.

We shall be working hard to shut down all reseller arrangements for Kim Dotcom and Mega.


  1. Seeing as how this is there response to you influencing paypal, I would hope you clean up your own mess :/.

    • Rick O'Shea says:

      Unkewl….I told you in a previous post, in this context the correct word is ‘their’ not ‘there’

      Now, how about you hop off back to school and try that learning thing again

      • Lol pester some teenie bop, noob. This is not a test, this is not a story, this is not your class, so please … Go sit on your fat ass and think of ways to pester people you already understood. Maybe it makes you feel superior or something, but in all honesty it just makes you look like a dick with no concept of “talking” on the internet. I bet you punctuate your sentences in real conversations, go go gadget nerd with no herd.

  2. Mediamix says:

    Keep up the good work AdultKing and the rest of the crew!